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Fungal Infection of Nails (Onychomycosis )

Formulae Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu   按此看中文

Select and use one of the formulae.

Name of Formula: External formula for onychomycosis

Application: fungal infection of nails

Formula 1:

tu jin pi , da feng zi ruo , hua jiao , bai bu, zao ci, huang jing, bai fan  , wu jia pi 15 g eachchuan wu, raw cao wu 9 grice vinegar 500--750 c.c.

Procedure: mince the above herbs. Soak the herbs in the rice vinegar. Shake the mixture several times a day. After one week, strain and obtain liquid and discard the herbs. Soak the affected parts for 20 to 30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day.

Formula 2:


ku  fan, bai  fan  30 g eachdi gu pi  60 克,zhu ya zao , ce bai ye﹐  , hua jiao , xiong huang 15g each, acetic acid 10 c.c. or in 50 c.c. 0f rice vinegar)

Preparation: add water 1000 c.c. to di gu pi zhu ya zao , ce bai ye﹐  , hua jiao , and bring to boil. Simmer down to 600 c.c. Strain and obtain liquid and save the herbs. Add 700 c.c. water again to the herbs and simmer down to 400 c.c. Mix the 2 batches of liquid. Then add bai fan, xiong huang﹐ acetic acid or rice vinegar and mix well.

Soak the affected nail(s) in the liquid for 20 to 30 minutes. Cut off the affected nail(s) with a sharp knife. Cover with gauze and fasten with tape. Apply 2 to 3 times a week until new nail comes back.

Translator note:

  1. ku fan  is anhydrous bai  fan (alumen). When ku fan is added to water, the characteristics should be the same as bai  fan. In the translator opinion, just increase the amount of bai  fan and do not have to use ku fan.

  2. Internal herb formula should also be used. Usually the fungal nail infection cannot be solved unless the systemic fungal infection is also solved. Internal herb formulae will be uploaded. 

  3. Drugs like Lamisil can be toxic. Lamisil (terbinafine hydrochloride) is an antifungal drug. It is used to treat fungus infections of the scalp, body, groin (jock itch), feet (athlete's foot), fingernails, and toenails. It is toxic to the kidneys and liver. Extreme caution should be used if you take Lamisil.


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甲癬(tinea unguium)是指由皮膚癬菌侵犯甲板所致病變。
甲真菌病(onychomycosis)由皮膚癬菌以外的真菌包括酵母菌等侵犯甲板所致病變。 [1]
 一, 甲癬在中國最常見的致病菌為紅色毛癬菌 (Tinea rubrum)。
   (1), 甲癬有兩種類型。一種表現為白甲,常先從甲根開始,甲板表面出現小白點, 逐 漸擴 大,致甲板變軟下陷。
  (2) 另一種損害先從甲游離緣和側壁開始,使甲板出現小凹陷或甲橫溝,逐漸發展至甲板變脆,易碎,增厚,呈內褐色。甲下碎屑堆積常易使甲變空,翹起與甲床分離,甲板
二, 甲真菌病的甲板常表現為不平,呈黑色,甲板常有輕度萎縮,而不增厚,常伴甲溝炎。

[配方]土槿皮, 大枫子肉,  花椒,
百部 , 皂刺, 黃 精,  白 礬 , 五加皮各15克,川乌, 生草乌各9克,米醋500--750毫升。

枯 礬,  白 礬 各30克, 地骨皮 60克,豬牙皂 , 側柏葉, 花椒, 雄黃各15克,冰醋酸10毫升(或米醋50毫升)。
[用法]先豬牙皂 , 地骨皮 ,
側柏葉, 花椒加水1000毫升,煎至600毫升,滤取液, 將渣加適量水再煎,取濾液400毫升,將兩次濾液混合後加熱並投入枯礬, 白礬, 雄黃, 冰醋酸,攪溶﹔待溫浸泡病甲20--30分鐘,然後用刀削除肥厚病甲至甲床,外用紗布, 膠布固定。每周2--3次,至新甲正常生長為止。
[注意]削甲後病甲可涂克霉唑軟膏Clotrimazole 及作硬塑指甲套保護。編者按﹕

  1. 枯礬加水後﹐其性質與白礬一樣。上方有枯礬與白礬可能多此一舉。看來加重白礬既可。

  2. 甲真菌病 常是身體內部有感染﹐ 必須內服治療。只用外治法是不能斷根的。

  3. Tinea 是皮膚癬﹐最常見的是 红色毛癣菌 (Tinea rubrum), 小芽胞廯菌 (Microsporum), 禿髮廯菌 中(Trichophyton),  與表皮癬菌 (Epidermophyton) 所致。Unguium 是指甲。

 [1]很多醫藥著作把甲癣(tinea unguium)甲真菌病(onychomycosis) 混為一論。



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