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Promoting Mother's Milk Formulae下乳 (催乳)

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu           按此看中文。  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Name of Formula: tong ru dan (source: Fu Qing Zhu Gynaecology)

Application: qixu (qi deficient) and  xue xu (blood deficient)  after giving birth. Lack of milk.

Composition: ren shen 30g,  raw huang qi 30g,  dang gui 60g (wash with rice wine), mai dong 15 g (remove core),  mu tong 0.9 g, jie geng 0.9 g. Add two pig feet and water to make soup.

Another formula:

Name of formula: cui ru tang (milk promoting soup)

Compositon: huang qi, shu di huang,  24 g each,  ren shen, dang gui, 15 g each,  chuang xiong, qi zi, tong cao, wang bu liu xing 6 g.

Make into soup. Use as soup.

Another formula:

 wu zhi mao tao  60 g. Make stew with pig feet. Use with meals [1]

See acupuncture points for lactation.

Also see a milk promoting herb , a commonly used herb in southern part of China.

Warning: do not use guan mu tong. Guan mu tong (Aristolochiae Manshuriensis or Aristolochia debilis)  which is toxic to kidneys. If not sure, do not use  mu tong.


[1] "Guangxi Zhong Cai Yao" 《廣西中草藥》

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通乳丹《 傅青主女科 》 卷下。

產後 氣虛血虛


【組成】人 參 30克, 生黃 耆 30克, 當歸 60克(酒洗), 麥冬15克(去 心),木 通 0.9克, 桔 梗 0.9克 ,七孔豬蹄 2個 (去爪殼)


傅青主指 出缺乳主要是產後氣血虛衰所致。通 乳丹補 血益氣以下乳。即氣旺則乳汁旺,氣衰則乳汁衰之意也。較之一般單純利竅通乳,而忽略了補氣血的治療方法療效要好。傅氏指出:世人不知大補氣血之妙, 而一味通乳,豈知無氣則乳無以化,無血則乳無以生,不幾向飢人而乞食,貧人而索金乎 !

二 :

催乳湯 《醫學集成》卷三。


【組成】黃 耆熟地黃 各 24克 人參當 歸 各15克 ,

                川 芎枸 杞通草王不留行 各 6克



注意: 關木通對腎臟有毒。 不可用 關木通。 如果不能确定 。可以不用。



A manuscript... writing, translating and proofreading  in progress

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