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Lupus, systemic

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu             按此看中文

Systemic lupus is an autoimmune dysfunction disease. There is no established treatment in conventional medicine.

Certain Qigong therapy method has been successful in correcting the autoimmune dysfunction according the experience of the editor.

Chinese herb therapy


From Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) point of view, most systemic lupus sufferers are shenxu (kidney deficient). It can be classified into:

  1. simple shenxu (kidney deficient)

  2. yinxu  (yin deficient) type

  3. yangxu (yang deficient)

  4.  bothshenyinxu (kidney yin deficient) and shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient) at the same time.

  5.  xu  (under active) and shi  (over active) interwoven type


The body of a lupus patient is very sensitive and both the diagnosis of condition and the use of herbs must be accurate.



sheng di huang 30 g, nu zhen zi 9 g, huang jin 12 g, xu duan 9 g, xuan shen 30 g, 

huang bai g, jie geng 4.5 g, xing ren 9 g, mu li  30 g,  lian qiao 3 g, lu dou 12 g, hei dou 12 g. 

Make into a concoction  by simmering for 45 minutes in 1200 c.c. of water. Take one prescription daily, taken in three servings.




For both  shenyinxu (kidney yin deficient)  and shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient) at the same time: add  dang shen  9 g,  zhi mu 9 g,  wu zhu yu 9 g,  du zhong  12 g, suan zao ren 9 g,  hong zao   5 pieces.


For xu and shi (over active) interwoven type: add  gui zhi,   3 g,  zhi mu  9 g,  dan pi   6 g, shan zhi zi  9 g,  huang qin 4.5 g,  jin yin hua  9 g.


Effectiveness: 75 patients. Healed 7. Obviously improved 25. Improved 24. Total effectiveness 74.67%.


Source: Qin Wan Zhang, Zhong Shan Hospital, Shanghai Medical University.


Important: Click here to see explanation of formulae in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) page.



Certain Qigong therapy is effective.


Drug medicine therapy


There is no established specific treatment in conventional Western medicine for lupus. Symptoms are addressed as they arise. Three type of drugs are commonly prescribed:


  1. Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen sodium (Aleve) and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others)  to treat symptoms associated with lupus.

  2. Anti-malaria drug to prevent flares of the disease. Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) is the most commonly prescribed anti-malarial drug.

  3. Corticosteroids, like:: dexamethasone (Decadron). hydrocortisone. methylprednisolone  (Medrol). prednisone. cortisone. betamethasone. prednisolone. (There areother trade names for drugs containing corticosteroids).

Links listed for your convenience. (We do not have control on these sites nor the contents or the availability.)

Lupus Foundation of America

Medline Plus

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系 統 性 紅 斑 狼 瘡


系统性红斑狼瘡患者,常有 腎虛 。一般有以下症狀:


  1. 單纯性的腎虛

  2. 陰虚

  3. 陽虛

  4. 腎陰 兼有 腎陽虚

  5. 虚 實 相兼者





處 方 ﹕


生 地 黃 30 克 ,  女 貞 子  9克 , 黃 精 12克 , 川 斷 9克 , 玄 參 30克 , 

黃 柏 9克 , 桔 梗 4.5克 , 杏 仁 9克 , 牡蠣 30克 ,  連  翹 3克 ,  綠 豆 12克 , 黑 豆 12克 。     水 煎 服 。


辨 症 加 減 ﹕


陰 陽 兩 虛 者: 加 黨 參 9克 , 知母 9克 ,  吳茱萸 9克 , 杜 仲 12克 ,  酸 棗 仁  9克 , 紅 棗 5枚 。


虛 實 夾 雜 者 :加 桂 枝 3克 , 知母 9克 , 丹皮 6克 ,山 梔 子  9 克﹐ 黃 芩  4.5克 ,金銀花  9克 。


療 效 ﹕ 治 療 75例 。 治 瘉 7例 , 顯 著 進 步 25例 , 進 步 24例 , 總 有效 率 74.67%.


處 方 來 源 ﹕ 上 海 醫 科 大 學 附 屬 中 山 醫 院 , 秦 萬 章 。







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