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Liver and kidney yin deficient  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

This is a term being used in traditional Chinese medicine in diagnostics.

The syndrome:

Loin and knees are weak, dry eyes with dirt in the eye sensation, blurry vision, ringing in the ears and forgetfulness, achy rib cage area, feeling annoyingly hot in chest area, and in palms of hand and feet, red check with instant sweating, dry mouth and throat, a lot of dream, amnesia, spermatorrhea in men, scanty blood during periods or bleeding not during menses in females,  red tongue with scanty fur, thin and rapid pulse.

Sample of formula:

Name of formula: qi zi tang (Seven Seed Soup)

Application: liver and kidney yin deficient with hypertension

jue ming zi 24 g,gou qi zi 12 g,tu si zi12 g,nu zhen zi 15 g,jin yin zi 9 g,sha yuan zi 12 g,sang shen zi 12 g

Boil with water. Take as tea. One dose per day.

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腰膝酸軟,目澀目 糊,耳鳴健忘,脅痛,五心煩熱,顴紅盜汗,口乾咽燥,失眠多夢,男子遺精,女子經少或崩漏,舌紅苔少,脈細數。




處方組成:明 子24克,枸杞子12克,12克,女貞子15克,金櫻子9克,沙苑子12克,桑椹子12克。


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