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liu jun zi tang 六君子湯

by: Joe Hing kwok Chu    按此看中文。

Name of Formula: liu jun zi tang (source yi xue zheng zhuang)


pixu (spleen deficient):  stomach prolapse, chronic peritonitis, peptic ulcers, dyspepsia (indigestion), lack of appetite, flatulence in the afternoon or after meals, wilted complexion, loose stool, weak and atrophic muscles. Today's clinical applications include: chronic diarrhea, cough during the abating period of chronic bronchitis, vomiting during pregnancies. There are reports that it is being used on other diseases of the digestive  tract, like chronic gastritis, ulcer of the duodenum, gastritis caused by steroids,  asthmatic cough, emphysema, neural vomiting, anorexia nervosa, reaction of the the digestive tract after chemotherapy. The formula can help emptying of the bowel, improving the immune system. This formula also helps expel phlegm.

Composition: ren shen, bai zhu, chen pi , ban xia 10 g each,

zhi gan cao 5 g, fu ling 6 g.

Boil with water. Make into 2 to 3 serving per day.

Adjustment of formula:

  1. Lack of appetite after illness: add huang qi, huai shan.

  2. Fullness in rib cage, spasm in abdomen muscle: add chai hu, bai shao.

  3. Flatulence after meals or in the afternoon, indigestion: add hou po, sha ren.

  4. Depression: add xiang fu zi, sha ren.


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六君子湯  醫學正傳





人參白朮陳皮半夏10克﹐炙甘草 5 克﹐茯苓 6克。 水煎服。每日兩三次。



  1. 食慾不振 黃耆淮山

  2. 腹筋拘攣,胸脇苦滿,腹痛 柴胡白芍

  3. 午後或飯後腹部脹滿消化不良 厚樸砂仁

  4. 憂鬱情緒低落,無愉快感,無生活樂趣,自卑或缺乏自信,失眠,早醒): 加 香附子砂仁

六君子湯 四君子湯加入二陳湯 (陳皮半夏)而成

A manuscript... writing, translating and proofreading  in progress

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