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ling yang jiao san

羚羊角散  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

 by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu 

興國編譯  按此看中文

Name of Formula:

 ling yang jiao san (Tai Pin Sheng Hui Fang)

Application: For treatment of acute cataract

Composition: ling yang jiao powder 15 g, . ze xie 15 g, ju hua 30 g, yu zhu 15 g,,tu si zi15 g,  (soak in rice wine for 3 days, then dry under the sun. Grind separately into powder). Mix and grind all herbs into coarse powder.

Use 9 g each time. Boil with a bowl of water. Simmer down to 60% of a bowl. Strain and drink any time while warm.

羚羊角散《 太平聖惠方


組成:羚羊角屑半兩. 澤瀉半兩,甘菊花一兩,葳蕤半兩,菟絲子半兩(酒浸三日,曝干,別搗為末)。



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