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I am offering a proofreading, copyediting, feedback and rewrite

service for $25 per hour with a free sample of my work on your

project. I can help with a variety of subjects, tasks and problems.

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You may contact me at my email address,

If we need to use the telephone or the mail, I will give you that

information at that time.



My rate is $25 per hour. I will give you an estimate of cost and turnaround

time and a free sample of my work on your document. I accept payment by

credit card. I will accept 50% down with balance at completion of the work.



You want your writing to communicate your thoughts so that the reader

understands both the content and the feeling as easily as possible.  You

want to avoid errors in presentation. Getting a quick, inexpensive review

from a qualified, objective resource could be very helpful in improving the

quality of the piece and reducing some of the stress you may be feeling

about the project. I can help with focus, flow, and clarity. I can provide

correct usage, grammar, and punctuation. I can ask questions and make

suggestions so that you revise the piece more to your purpose. I can assist

students with their writing work, particularly if I see previous feedback

from the teacher.


My Qualifications and Experience

I was valedictorian of my high school class of six hundred students.

My verbal SAT's were in the high 700's, and math

in the high 600's. I graduated from Stanford University with a major

in Russian and German.  I passed the qualifying exam for the United States

Foreign Service.

My score in the Miller Analogy Test was in the high 90's. My aptitude

and interest tests have always indicated that I would do well in the fields

of editing, writing, and teaching English and other languages. In graduate

school I studied towards Master's degrees in teaching German and in

 psychology. I graduated with honors from Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School.


As a human resources manager for large corporations for 25 years, I produced

training materials, employee handbooks, memos and proposals, articles for the

company newspaper, and the like. I also participated in the design and

implementation of corporate workshops on how to write more effectively.


I have written my own brochure as a massage therapist in private 

practice. I have assisted others with their brochures. I have helped

friends and colleagues with their writing, ranging from nonfiction books to

articles to letters. I have a very sharp eye for typographical errors.  I read a

variety of newspapers, magazines and books on a range of subjects.


This is to say that I am reasonably intelligent, curious about the world in

general, and have skills and interest in verbal communication. I enjoy the

challenges and the victories. I also enjoy helping people reach their objectives.  

So if you would like a writing coach, a sounding board, a persnickety

punctuator, or someone to do the writing for you, get in touch with me.

I can help!