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jin gui shen qi wan  金櫃腎氣丸

Edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu   按此看中文

Name of Formula: jin gui shen qi wan (Jin Gui Yao Luo)

Other name: ba wei di huang wan, jin gui di huang wan,

Uses: in conditions of shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient).

Syndromes:Weakness in the loins, and legs, cold lower part of the body (waist, legs and feet), tension in the lower abdomen, frequent urination or lack of urination, swollen tongue with pale coating, weak, slow pulse or deep and faint pulse in the che position (third position), phlegm retention syndrome, and flabby legs. The formula can be used with adjustment in chronic nephritis, advanced diabetes with shenyangxu syndrome, parasympathetic nervous system disorder, senile dementia, and other chronic disorders or urinary dysfunction with above mentioned syndrome.


shu di huang 240 g, shan yao 120 g, shan zhu yu 120 g, ze xie 90 g,

fu ling 90 g, dan pi 90 g, gui zhi 30 g, fu zi 30 g.


Grind the above herbs into fine powder and make into pills with cooked honey.


Adjustment to the formula:

  1. qixu (qi deficient): add huang qi, ren shen

  2. impotence and weak: add gui ban, lu jiao shuang

  3. achy back and loin: add du zhong, gou qi zi

  4. weak and flatulence: add huang qi, fang ji

  5. if the feet are not cold, deduct gui zhi and fu zi from this formula and become liu wei di huang wan

As decoction, the weight can be adjusted as:

shu di huang 6 g, shan yao 3 g, shan zhu yu 3 g, ze xie 3 g,

fu ling 2.5 g, dan pi 2.5 g, gui zhi 0.8 g, fu zi 0.8 g

Boil with water and simmer for 45 minutes and use as tea. One dose per day.


Note: the weight is for example only. They are on the low side. Adjust the weight according to the syndrome.

At the early stage of using the herb, to get faster result, it is advisable to use decoction. After stabilizing use the pills.


Warning: This formula contains mu dan pi which possesses a strong anti-coagulation effect. So this formula may not suitable to use with anti-coagulants like Aspirin, heparin or warfarin (Athrombin-K, Carfin, Coumadin, Panwarfin, Sofarin, Warfilone).

金櫃腎氣丸 (亦稱:八味地黃丸,金櫃地黄丸)


症狀﹕見小便淋澀挾精,畏寒,腰膝酸 冷 ,腰 腿 弱 ,

小 半 身 冷 ,少 腹 枸 急 ,小 便 不 利 或 反 多 ,脈 虛 弱 ,

尺 部 沉 微 ,陽痿,早泄,舌質淡胖,脈沈弱,

痰 飲 ,消 渴 ,腳 氣 。

慢 性 腎 炎 ,糖 尿 病 (一 般 嚴 重 期, 有腎陽虛證者 ),

老 年 性 痴 呆 ,初 期 前 列 腺 肥 大,不 孕 ,經 閉 ,

植 物 神 經 失 調 ,以 及 其 他 慢 性 疾 病 並 有 腎 陽 虛 者 ,

可 以 用 本 方 加 減 。




金櫃腎氣丸 《金櫃要略 》


熟地黃  240 克﹐山 藥  120 克﹐山 茱 萸  120 克﹐ 澤 瀉  90 克﹐

茯 苓 90 克﹐丹 皮 90 克﹐桂 枝  30 克﹐ 附 子30 克。






地 黃 6 g﹐山 茱 萸  3 g﹐山 藥 3 g﹐澤 瀉 3 g﹐茯 苓 2.5 g﹐

丹皮 2.5 g﹐桂 枝 0.8 g﹐ 附 子  0.8 g。




牛車腎氣丸 《濟生方 》


熟地黃  240 克﹐山 藥  120 克﹐山 茱萸  120 克﹐ 澤瀉  90 克﹐

茯苓 90 克﹐丹皮 90 克﹐桂 枝  30 克﹐牛 膝 30    車前子 30 附 子 30 克。


1.氣 虛體倦:加 黃 耆人 參
2.陽萎衰弱:加龜板鹿 角霜
3.腰痠背痛:加 杜 仲枸 杞子
4.虛腫腹脹:加黃耆防 己

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