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jie geng tang 桔梗湯

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Name of Formula: jie geng tang (source: Jin Gui)

Application: abcess in lungs, pain while coughing, chill, rapid pulse, dry throat but not thirsty, murky and foul smelly phlegm. In time the phlegm looks like rice porridge.

Composition: jie geng 6 g, gan cao 12 g.

Add abut 900 cc of water and simmer down to 300 c.c. Make into 3 serving. Drink while warm.

Contra-indication:  Not to use in case of yinxu (yin deficient)  with chronic cough, breathing difficulty and vomiting blood.

【方名】:桔梗湯 《 金櫃要略 》


【主治】:肺癰 (肺膿腫)。咳而胸痛,振寒,脈數,咽幹不渴,時出濁唾腥臭,久久吐膿如米粥者。

【組成】:桔 梗 6克,甘 草 12 克

   二味以水三碗,煮取一碗,去滓,分三次,溫服 。

禁忌: 陰虛,氣逆及咳血者忌服。


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