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Huo Xiang Zhen Qi San

 (in English and Chinese 中英文)

 Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu  興國編譯  按 此看中文

Name of formula: Huo Xiang Zhen Qi San (Tai Pin Hui Min He Ji Ju Fang) vol. II


Relieving dampness; improving body function; for treatment of exogenous cold; indigestion with yeast infection; fever and chills; headache; fullness in abdomen area; nausea; abdominal pain; gurgling of bowel; vomiting and diarrhea; food poisoning,  greasy tongue with white coating.


da fu pi,  bai zhi,  zi su,  fu ling, (remove skin)30 g each,  ban xia qu,  bai zhu,  chen pi, (remove the white portion),  hou po,(remove rough skin and bake with ginger juice), jie geng 60 g each,  huo xiang 90 g, zhi gan cao 75 g

Make into fine powder.

Dosage: 6 g each time, add 150 ml of water, 3 slices of sheng jiang,, one piece of da zao (cut open)  Simmer to 100 ml. Drink while warm. If sweating is necessary, cover with blanket and sweater.

Adjustment to formula according to syndromes:

1.exongeneous syndrome is heavy:add xiang ru
2.dampness is heavy: addyi yi ren,  ze xie,
hou po, cang zhu
3.lack of appetite and weak digestion:  and shan zha, liu shen qu,
lai fu zi
4.not sweating and like to avoid wind: add fang fen, jing jie, ,ma huang
5.pain in throat area:  add jin yin hua, lian qiao
6.pain in abdomen area: add shao yao
7.pain in abdomen and diarrhea: add cang zhu, huang lian
8.body is very cold: add fu zi, gan jiang
9.thirst, diarrhea, difficulty in urinaton::combine with wu ling san

Warning: this formula contains many warm and acrid herbs. Patients with yinxu (yin deficient) should be careful in using it.

Average days of symptoms disappeared

symptoms:Chinese herb groupWestern medicine group
diarrhea1.5 days2.7 days
loose stool1.8 days3.1 days
abdomen pain1.3 days2.4 days
bloating1 day2.2 days
lack of appetite2.1 days3.3 days
fever2 days3 days
everage days of healing1.4 days2.9 days

The Western medicine consisted of Sulfonamides、calcium carbone as astringent for the bowels, and belladonna as pain reliever.




 藿香正氣散《太 平惠民和劑局方》卷二
【別名】 正氣散

【功能主治】 解表化, 理氣和中。治外感風寒,內傷濕 滯,發熱惡寒,頭痛,胸膈滿悶,脘腹疼痛,惡心嘔吐,腸鳴泄瀉,舌苔白膩等。

大腹皮, 白芷, 紫蘇, 茯苓(去皮)各30克 半夏麴, 白朮,  ( 去白)厚 樸(去粗皮,姜汁炙)桔 梗各60克, 藿香( 去土)90克, 炙甘 草 75克


【用法用量】 每服6克,用水150毫升,加
生 薑3片 ,大 棗1枚 ,同煎至100毫升,熱服。如欲出汗,覆蓋衣被。



香 薷
2.裡濕偏盛:加薏 苡仁澤瀉
厚 樸蒼朮
萊 菔子
4.無汗惡風:加防風荊芥麻 黃




本方健胃,鎮吐,緩解胃腸平滑肌痙攣,調整胃腸功能,抗菌,抑制流感病毒,解熱,利尿,祛痰。用於胃腸型感冒、急性胃腸炎、中暑、嘔吐、急慢性腎炎、霍亂吐瀉、不 服水土、小兒食傷。


急性腸炎《廣東中醫》(1960;9:442):藿香正氣散加減治非特異性急性腸炎30例,西醫30例對比組(足量磺胺類、碳酸鈣等腸道收斂劑及顛茄酊等止疼劑) 。7例輕微發熱,熱度在37-38℃之間。多數輕度腹疼,疼痛多在臍周圍,伴腸鳴。腹瀉晝夜4-8次。糞量較多是粥狀或水樣,淡黃色或有泡沫(部分病者糞中混有粘 液,但無膿、無血)。無裡急後重感。腹部稍鼓脹,有輕度壓疼,腸鳴音亢進。





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