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huang lian jie du tang 黃連解毒湯  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

 by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu 

Application: fever in heat type of sickness, spitting blood, nose bleeding, blood in stool, blood in urine, strokes, heavy bleeding during menses, insomnia and hallucination due to high fever, itchiness of skin.

Being used in residue heat from heat type of diseases, various types of inflammation, anxiety,

Warning: These are bitter and cold herb. If the infection has already injured the yin fluid of the body with tongue showing smooth and dark red, then, this formula may not be suitable.


huang qin 9 g,huang bai  9 g,huang lian 6 g, zhi zi 9 g.

Add about 1,250 cc of water and simmer down to a serving size. Take it warm, about 2 hours after meal.

Add about 1000 cc of water to the residue herb and re-boil. Simmer down to serving size for another serving.


Fever and thirst:  add shi gao, zhi mu or combine with bai hu tang
Chronic constipation:  add da huang
Eczema:add qing dai
Dry mouth and throat: add mai dong, wu wei zi
Jaundice: add da huang, yin chen hao,  liu yi san.
Fever and nose bleeding: add xuan shen, shen di huang, dan pi
Diarrhea with pus and blood, with need to empty bowel often: add mu xiang, bing lang
Frequent urination with pain: add che qian cao, mu tong,  feng wei cao
Heat in blood and disoriented, spitting blood, nose bleeding: add xuan shen, shen di huang, dan pi, mao gen
Boils with swelling and pain: combine with pai nong san
Carbuncles: combine with wu wei xiao du yin


liu yi san

Composition: hua shi 6 portions, gan cao,  1 portion. Make into powder. Use 9 grams each time.


wu wei xiao du yin

jin yin hua 9 g,  ye ju hua 3.6  g,  zi hua di ding 3.6 g,  zi bei tian kui 3.6 g,  pu gong ying 3.6 g

Boil with water to make decoction. Use as tea.


For explanation of herbs see: Chinese Herb Dictionary


用於各種熱性病過程中之高熱,稽留熱,吐血,衄血,下血,腦充血,尿血,月 經過多,皮膚搔癢症.等。

治一切火熱,表裏俱盛,狂躁心煩,口燥咽乾,大熱乾嘔,錯語不眠,吐血衄血,熱甚發斑。應用於熱病之餘熱,諸炎症, 精神不安煩悶。

禁忌苦 寒之藥易於化燥傷陰。如出現熱傷陰液、舌質光絳,則不宜使用。



黃 芩9克 ,黃 柏  9克,黃 蓮6克 ,  梔子9克 。




發熱渴飲 :加石 膏知 母
常習便秘:加大 黃  
斑毒甚者:加 青黛
咽乾喉燥:加麥 冬五 味子
發黃身斑:加大 黃茵 陳蒿六 一散
熱盛吐衄:加生 地黃玄 參丹 皮
下痢濃血,裡急後重:加木 香 、檳榔。
尿頻尿痛:加車 前草 木 通鳳尾草
黃疸:加茵陳、大 黃
血熱發斑,吐血衄血:加玄 參生 地黃丹 皮茅 根
發熱口渴:合 白虎湯
發瘡腫痛:合 排膿散

注解:黃 蓮黃 芩黃 柏 有抑菌,消炎,作用。 梔子鎮 靜, 抑菌,消炎,作用。


處方:滑 石 6份,甘 草一份




金銀花 9 克,野 菊 花 3.6  克,紫花地丁 3.6 克,紫背天葵  3.6  克,蒲公英 3.6 克。



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A manuscript... writing, translating and proofreading  in progress

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