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hu qian wan 虎潛丸


Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


Name of Formula: hu qian wan (Dan Xi Xin Fa)


Application: for weak muscles, weak loin and weak legs due to shenxu (kidney deficient); for sagittal suture of small children not closing properly; for treatment of liver-kidney yin deficient,
This formula can be used for treating osteoporosis..


 huang bai 240 g, gui ban (bake with rice wine)120 gzhi mu(stir fry with wine first)60 g,  shu di huang 60 g,   chen pi 60 g, bai shao 60 g,  suo yang 45 g,  hu gu (substitute with sai long gu, bake) 30 g), gan jiang 15 g.


Grind the above herb into powder, use glue of starch or rice wine to make into pills of 9 g each.


Dosage: take one pill each time, twice a day with slightly salty water or warm drinking water, with empty  stomach.


Note: Sai long (Myospalax baileyi Thomas), are subterranean rodents and endemic to the cold and hypoxic (2800-4300 m above sea level) climate of the farm, prairie, alpine prairie, and meadow habitats across the Tibetan plateau.. Sai long gu is the whole skeleton of sai long  (Myospalax baileyi Thomas) where the brain has been removed.


Note: fluoride treatment can increase the risk of hip fracture in osteoporotic women [1]

Diet high in animal protein may lead to hip fractures. [2]

An adequate vitamin D intake is associated with a lower risk of osteoporotic hip fractures in postmenopausal women. Neither milk nor a high-calcium diet appears to reduce risk. Because women commonly consume less than the recommended intake of vitamin D, supplement use or dark fish consumption may be prudent.[3]


The formula listed by Yi Fang Ji Jie,  also contains dang gui, niu xi, and goat meat.


[1] 1989 Apr;4(2):223-5.

[2] 1992 Jan;50(1):14-8.

[3] Am J Clin Nutr
vol. 77 no. 2

藥方名:虎潛丸 《方源:丹溪心法  》


主治:用於腎虛引起的腰腳痿弱,筋骨不健,小兒聰門不合。 治肝腎陰虚,精血不足,筋骨軟弱,腿足消瘦,行走無力,舌紅少苔,脈細弱,現用於脊髓灰質炎後遺症,慢性關節炎,中風後遺症而屬肝腎不足者。

组成: 黃 柏  (酒炒)240克龜板(酒炙)120克,. 知母(酒炒)60克熟地黃 60克 60克,, 白 芍 60克鎖陽 45克, 虎骨(塞隆代,炙,30克)  乾薑 15克。



【備注】方中重用黃柏,配合知母以瀉火清熱;熟地龜板白 芍滋陰養血;虎骨強壯筋骨;鎖陽溫陽益精;干姜、陳皮溫中健脾,理氣和胃。諸藥合用,共奏滋陰降火,強壯筋骨之功。

《醫方集解》  所載虎潛丸尚多當 歸牛膝,羊肉三味

注:塞隆骨為倉鼠科動物高原鼢鼠(Myospalax baileyi Thomas)去腦後的 乾燥全架骨骼





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