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Hepatitis B Herb Formula of Ye Tian Shi

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu



Serologic Diagnosis

The most commonly used major antigens are:




Ye Tian Shi Formula

A very effective herbal formula is the one designed by Ye Tian Shi of Qing Dynasty. The Official Chinese Herbal Research Center in Taiwan and Chinese Medical School confirmed that the herbal formula is effective in inhibiting the HBsAg and HBeAg in extra body studies.

Professor Chen jie Bu of The Official Chinese Herbal Research Center , Xie Ming Qun, the director of Chinese Medical School, Prof. Zhang Yun Jun of Chinese Herbal Research Center have conducted studies on various classical formulae that have been used in treating hepatitis. The formulae tested include chai hu su gan tang, ji wei sao yao san, yi guan jian, xue fu zhu yu tang, gan lu xiao du dan and Ye Tian Shi Hepatitis formula. The former four formulae are not effective in inhibiting the hepatitis virus. Gan lu xiao du dan is able to inhibit HBsAg but Ye Tian Shi formula is even more effective. Not only it can inhibit HBsAg, it can also inhibit HBeAG. In outside body study, the stronger the formula, the more effective is it. This formula does not possess toxic effect for human cells. It is safe to use.

This formula is suitable for pixu  (spleen deficient) and qixu (qi deficient)  hepatitis B sufferers: tiredness, lack of appetite, flatulence in the afternoon or after meals, wilted complexion, loose stool, weak pulse, instant sweating, sleepiness,  weak and atrophic muscles.


huang qi 8 g, gan cao 15 g, bai zhu 8 g, bai shao 8 g, sheng jiang 3 slices, bai bian dou, 8 g fu ling 8 g,  and da zao 5 pieces (cut).  Boil with 800 cc of  water and simmer to 400 cc . Use as tea. Add water and re-boil the herb in the evening to make another serving..

The weight are supplied by the editor, to be used as sample. They should be adjusted according to diagnostics.

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適於脾 虛氣虛肝病患者: 易身倦,食 慾差﹐ 午後或食後腹脹﹐臉色無華﹐四肢無力﹐自汗﹐好睡﹐便溏,脈弱,舌淡苔白。


黃耆 8 克﹐甘 草 15 克﹐ 白朮 8 克﹐白 芍 8 克﹐ 生薑 三 片﹐白扁豆 8 克﹐ 茯苓 8 克﹐ 大棗 五枚劈開。 水兩碗煎 一碗溫 服。晚 上以藥渣加水再煎 一次。

藥量舉例是編者所撰。個別應用須按各人辯 証確定之。

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