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Hemorrhoid Acupuncture Therapy (in English and Chinese 中英文)

痔 瘡針灸      按此看中文

Translated and edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Select one of the following prescriptions.

Prescription 1:

Needle: ci liao (B 32), chang qiang (Du 1), hui yang (B 35), cheng shan (B 57), er bai


Note: hui yang: B35Lateral to the lower end of the coccyx, 0.5 cm lateral to midline.


Prescription 2:

Needle: chang qiang  (Du 1),   kong zui  (L 6), cheng shan (B 57)


Prescription 3:

Prick on Hemorrhoid point

Hemorrhoid points can appear on on both sides of the seventh thoracic vertebra to the sacral vertebrae. Sometimes two or three hemorrhoid points may appear. Select the obvious one. Use a sterile needle to prick it open. The hemorrhoid points that are closest to the spine, the lowest are the better ones to select for pricking.
Pick one hemorrhoid point for each treatment. Pick once every seven days or so.
Note: the shapes of hemorrhoids points are like papules, slightly protruding from the surface of the skin, from small like the heads of needles to large like corn kernels, round, slightly glossy, color can be gray, brown or reddish ranges.

痔 瘡 , 針 灸

處 方 1﹕

 體 針

針 次 寥 ,  會陽 ,承山, 長強 ,二白

方 義 ﹕ 次寥 ,  會陽 , 承山

次寥 ,  會陽 ,承山屬于足太陽膀胱經 , 而其別行經脈絡于肛門 。 此三穴用瀉法深刺 ,以疏導膀胱經之氣而消瘀滯 。 加長強以加強其作用 。 二 白為治療瘡經驗穴 。

處 方 2﹕

: 長強、孔最、承山


處 方 3

挑 治

痔點在第七胸椎兩旁骶椎出現 。有時可出現兩三個痔點,應選用其明顯的一個,用消毒過的針挑破。痔點越靠近脊柱,越靠下,效果越好。

每次挑一痔點 。 每七天左右挑 一次 。


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