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xinyangxu (heart yang deficient)    心陽虛 


by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu                 按此看中文


Clinical symptoms:

  1. palpitation,

  2. heaviness in chest area and short of breath, especially after physical activities, and instant sweating﹐

  3. cold limps and dislike coldness,

  4. angina pectoris,

  5. pale and dark complexion,

  6. fat and pale tongue with white and slippery fur,

  7. small and thin pulse.



  1. 心悸怔忡,

  2. 胸悶氣短,活動後加重,

  3. 自汗﹐

  4. 畏寒肢冷,

  5. 心痛,

  6. 面色晃白或晦暗,

  7. 舌淡胖苔白滑,

  8. 脈微細


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