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Free guolin qigong training in San Francisco

郭 林 氣 功

Please come and join our cancer support group in guolin qigong walking.  Guolin qigong is widely used in China to supplement cancer therapy.

We meet every Sunday morning in Golden Gate Park, if weather permits.

The exercise is usually led by Peter Croke RN, and other the advanced qigong students of qigong teacher, Joe Hing Kwok Chu.


Time : 10:00 A.M. (day and time can change, please emailPeter Croke RN at

Place:  AIDS memorial grove in Golden Gate Park.

Note: Peter Croke has moved to Chicago. We are looking for some one to lead the Quolin Qigong training. If any one is interest please email /

Plenty of parking is available.

The National AIDS Memorial Grove is located in San Francisco near the eastern end of Golden Gate Park. It is north of the bowling greens and west of the tennis courts at the intersection of Middle Drive East and Bowling Green Drive.Click here for more information on the location.

 HOW TO COME ON MUNI 673-MUNI; Buses: # 5, 7, 21, 71, 73. Take any of these buses west from downtown to the stop at the intersection of Stanyan and Haight directly across the street from McDonalds (just south of the panhandle of the park). Enter Golden Gate Park through the Stanyan Street gates just north of the bus stop. Follow the nearest path down to the left, through the tunnel that passes beneath Kezar Blvd, on through the meadow, staying to the right as the path splits on the other side of the tunnel. Soon you'll see the tennis courts. Follow the path around to the left of tennis courts and out on to Bowling Green Drive. The Grove is right across the street at the intersection of Bowling Green Drive and Middle Drive East.


On the MUNI UNDERGROUND: Metro N-Judah streetcar, come west (away from downtown) to the intersection of Carl & Arguello, about 6 blocks from the place where the MUNI cars exit the tunnel on the west side of Buena Vista Park. Get off at Arguello. Go north (to your right as you face west), down the hill 2 blocks, and across Kezar Drive at the intersection with Martin Luther King Drive. Follow MLK for 1 block and then turn right on to Bowling Green Drive. Follow Bowling Green 2 blocks until you see the National AIDS Memorial Grove on the left side, at the intersection with Middle Drive East.

(Directions quoted from National AIDS Memorial Grove).

 Click here to see whole map of Golden Gate Park here.

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Guolin qigong supplement:

We thank Dr. Jennifer Prongos, an acupuncturist for her support.

For Thursday night class please email:

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