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   gui shen wan 歸腎丸   (in English and Chinese 中英文)

   by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu   

Name of Formula: gui shen wan  (jin yue quan shu)

Application: shenxu (kidney deficient) syndrome with achy loin, weak legs, anemia, thin semen, dizziness with tinnitis (ringing in the ear), amenorrhea, infertility due to auto-immune dysfunction in men.


shu di huang  240 g, gou qi zi 120 g, shan zhu yu 120 g,tu si zi 120 g ,

fu ling120 g, dang gui 120 g. shan yao (stir fried) 120 g,

 du zhong  (stir fried with salt) 120g

Make into powder. Mix with refined honey and make into pills. Ratio of herb powder and honey: every 100 g of herb/30 to 50 g of honey.

Store in air tight container.

Dosage: take orally 2 to 3 times per day. 9 g each time.

歸腎丸  (景岳全書)


滋陰養血,填精益髓。用於 腎虛 ,腰酸腳軟,精虧血少,頭暈耳鳴

女 性 閉經,男性免疫性不育症。 (如聯線断線,請按此


 熟 地黃 240 克,  枸 杞 子  120 克 , 山 茱 萸 120 克,菟 絲子 120 克,

茯 苓120 克, 當 歸 120 克,  山 藥 (炒) 120 杜 仲 (鹽炒) 120


以上八味,粉碎成細粉,過篩,混勻,每100 克。 粉末加煉蜜30~50g 與適

【用法與用量】 口服,一次9
, 一日2~3次。
【貯藏】 密封。

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