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gan yang shang kang 肝陽上亢


 (in English and Chinese 中英文)


(liver yang over active)  按此看中文


by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


Symptoms of liver yang over active:


Lab test on Catecholamines:

Patients with liver yang over active condition (liver yang overactive) shows higher level of:

  • epinephrine

  • norepinephrine

  • dopamine


Clinical observation:

Fullness in the head and dizziness, restless and easy to get angry, blurry vision, red face, insomnia, a lot of dream, hot flashes in the face, bitterness in the mouth, red tongue, fur of tongue is thin, yellow or white, stringy pulse or stringy and slippery pulse. It may show higher pulse rate, higher breathing rate and blood pressure.


Hyperventilation: due to the increase of carbon dioxide emissions, it can cause respiratory alkalosis, cerebral hypoxia, causing dizziness, fatigue, patients face and hands and feet feel numb and cold, sometimes with a sense of stuper 



tian ma 10 g, gou teng  10 g, shan zhi  10 g, Shan zhi zi 10 gi, huang qin 10 g,niu xi 10 g, du zhong 10 g, sang ji sheng 10 g, ye jiao teng 10 g, fu shen 10 g, ju hua 10 g, xia ku cao 10 g, cao que ming 10 g, shi jue ming 30 g, zhen zhu mu 30 g.


Make into decoction. One prescription per day.

Source of formula: Hu Xian Guo, vice chief physician, Yuan An District Hospital, Hubei Province China; translated by  Joe Hing Kwok Chu


See liver fire ascending 


Note: Respiratory alkalosis is due to pulmonary hyperventilation or the plasma concentration of H2CO3 primary PaCO2 decreased, which led to a rise in pH (> 7.45).


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肝陽上昇患者血漿兒茶酚胺(包括去甲腎上腺素(NE)、腎上腺素(E)和多巴胺( DA)含量均較正常人的高; 而致呼吸率,心率,血壓都增高。過度換氣時,由於二氧化碳排出量增加,可出現呼吸性鹼中毒,腦細胞缺氧,引起頭暈、乏力,患者並感到面部和手足麻涼,間或有恍惚感。


療法﹕ 以 平 肝 潛 陽 ﹐ 清 火 熄 風 。

處方﹕ 天麻 , 鉤 藤 , 山 梔 子  , 黃 芩  , 牛膝  , 杜 仲 , 桑 寄 生  , 夜交藤 , 茯 神  , 菊 花 , 夏枯草  , 草決明 各 10 克 ﹐石 決 明, 珍珠母 各 30 克 ﹐ 水 煎 服 ﹐ 每 日 1 劑  。

(處方來源﹕湖 北 遠 安 縣 中 醫 院 副 主 任 醫 師 - 胡 獻 國)





A manuscript... writing, translating and proofreading  in progress


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