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fang feng tong sheng san 防風通聖散

Edited by: Joe Hing kwok Chu   按此看中文

Application: for heat type of epilepsy, headache due to hypertension, skin and eye diseases. It possesses the  anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, and anti-mutation effects.


fang fengjing jielian qiao ma huang bo he chuan xiongdang guibai shao (stir fried)bai zhu shan zhi zi 15 g each da huang (steamed with rice wine)15 gshi gaohuang qin jie geng 30 g eachgan cao 60 ghua shi 90克 mang xiao (drop in during the later stage of cooking)15 g

Make into powder. Use 6 g each time with a large bowl of water and 3 slices of sheng jiang and boil down to 60 % of a bowl. Take while warm. If there is no ma huang or where ma huang is not appropriate, use dan dou chi (Sojae Praeparatum ) or fu ping (duckweed) as substitute.


本方在治療皮膚病和多種眼病方面的獨特療效。具有抗 驚厥,  抗 炎, 抗過敏, 抗變態反應等作用。


防風荊 芥連翹 麻 黃 薄 荷 川 芎當 歸 白芍 炒,白 朮 山梔 子 大 黃 酒薰, 芒 硝後下各15克,石 膏黃 芩 桔 梗 各30克, 甘草60克,滑石90克 。


每 用 9 克,水一 大盞, 生 薑 三片, 煎至六分,溫服

如無麻 黃或考慮不宜麻黃者,可以淡 豆豉 或浮萍代之。



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