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Ejaculation difficulty

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu                  按此看中文


Ejaculation difficulty means unable or difficult to ejaculate during sexual intercourse. It does not mean impotence.

Chinese Herb Formulae

To use Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formulae, one has to be able to diagnose the function of the body.

In general the ejaculation difficulty problem can be classified into the following categories: (Click on the links for solutions)

1. Yin deficiency and heat is high

2. Kidney deficiency due to fright

3. Liver stagnation with emotional problem and heat is high

4. Blood stasis

Click on the above individual links for the correct therapies.

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性交不射精治法可依以下各型 (請按聯線看治法):

1. 虚熱盛

2. 恐傷腎

3. 氣鬱結, 情緒不佳, 熱盛



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