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Eczema with Blood Heat 血熱型濕疹  (in English and Chinese 中英文)


Translated by and edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu


Eczema with blood heat


Symptoms: rashes, itchiness, scratch marks, dry mouth with red tongue, thin and rapid pulse.


sheng di huang 30 g,dan pi 10 g,chi shao 10 g,bai mao gen 30 g,huang lian  6 g,

shan zhi zi  10 g,di fu zi   10 g,xi cao15 g,ku shen 10 g,hai tong pi 15 g,

sheng gan cao  10 g,che qian_cao  10 g.


Boil with 1,200 cc of water. Simmer to 800 cc.  One dosage per day. Make into 2 serving.




症狀:類似急性濕疹,但渗液較少,以 紅斑、丘疹、抓痕、血痂為主,瘙痒劇烈,口乾舌紅,脉細數。


處方: 生地黃 30 g , 丹皮10 g, 赤芍10 g,白 茅 根 30 g,

黃 蓮 6 g, 山 梔 子 10g, 地 膚 子  10 g,茜 草15 g,苦 參 10 g,

海桐皮 15 g,  甘 草10 g,車 前 草  10 g。





See eczema of children.


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