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du qi wan  都氣丸

By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu                     按此看中文。

Name of Formula: du qi wan

Application: for asthma due toshenyinxu (kidney yin deficient).

Asthma with the following syndrome: loin and knees are achy, dizziness or with tinnitus, night sweating, dry stool, spermatorrhea (in men), pulse is thin and deep, if there is heat the pulse is rapid (every 1 degree increase in body temperature, the pulse rate increases 10 counts). Tongue is red with little fur.


shu di huang 18 g,   shan zhu yu 12 g,  dan pi 9 g, fu ling 12 g, ze xie 9 g, shan yao 12 g, wu wei zi 10 g.

Rinse herb with water. Add 3 bowls (about 1200 cc) of water and simmer down to 90% of a bowl. Strain and use as tea while warm. Then add 2 1/2 bowls (about 1000 cc) of water to the herb and re-boil. Simmer down to 80% of a bowl. Strain and use as tea while warm. One package per day to be taken in two servings.

The above quantity of herb can be adjusted according to syndrome.

Note: This formula isderived from liu wei di huang wan with added wu wei zi.

藥方名:都 氣丸

主治用 於腎 陰虛之 氣喘。

腎陰虚症 狀: 腰膝部位酸痛,頭暈,或有耳鳴,聽力 下降,口乾咽燥,煩熱,胸口手足掌心發熱,晚上出汗,大便乾結,男子遺精。脈 沉細弱。如有熱則脈搏快速。體温每增一度, 脉搏增十次。舌體紅,舌苔少。



熟地黃 18克﹐ 山茱萸 12克﹐丹 皮 9 克﹐ 茯苓 12 克﹐ 澤瀉 9克﹐山藥15克,五味子 10 克



註:方 乃 六味地黃丸加入五味子10


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