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Dian Kuang Ma Bao San 癲狂馬寶散  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Translated by: Joe Hing kwok Chu 朱興國編譯        按此看中文 

Name of formula: diang kuang ma bao san

Application: for treatment of madness, manic anxiety, delirium, mania caused by hot phlegm (symptoms include high fever, delirium, even epilepsy and resulting in mania), spitting saliva, talking without making sense, fright with insomnia, sometimes crying and sometimes laughing,  schizophrenia.

Composition: ma bao 30 g, hu po 3 g, long xian xiang 1g, zhen zhu (bake with tofu) 0.3 g, niu huang  1.5 g

Grind all herb into fine powder. Bottle 1 g each.

Dosage: take half bottle each time (0.5 g). If ilness is serious, take 1 bottle (1 g)




功能主冶鎮靜,豁痰,安神,定志。主神經錯亂, 狂躁不安。痰熱蒙蔽心竅,症見高熱、神昏、譫語,甚或痙厥等 引起的癲狂,口吐涎沫,神識不清,語言譫妄,瘋狂打鬧,煩躁不安,驚惕失眠,哭笑無常,及精神分裂症等。

組成:馬寶 2兩,琥 珀 1錢,龍涎香 1錢,珍 珠(豆腐炙)1分,牛 黃 5分。
上 研細末,裝瓶重3分。
用法用量每次病輕者服半瓶 (一分半), 病重者 服1瓶 (3分)


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