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Compiled by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu      

Written by Sun Chenglin , Quan Fuyou, et al (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine & Pharmacology)

1. Clinical data

1.1 General data:

               Sex and Age:

               Among 24 cases, there are:

               Male: 8 cases

               Female: 16 cases

               Younger than 49 years old: 6

               50-59 years old: 6

               Over 60 years old: 12

               Course of disease:

               5-10 years : 11 cases

               Over 10 years:1 case

               Average:5.03 years


               Coronary heart disease:4 cases

               Eye disorder: 2 cases

               Peripheral nerve disorder: 1 case

1.2 Diagnostic criteria:

               All the patients' conditions were consistent with the diagnostic criteria issued by WHO.

1.3 Therapeutic methods:

               Patients were requested to keep on doing qigong exercises for 2 hours a day for 3 weeks, keep good living habits and take medicines as usual. Before and after treatment, FBS, PBS, TG, TC and HDL-C were measured. 10 days after the exercises TBS and PBS were examined. BS should be observed during the treatment.

1.4 Criteria of effectiveness

               Markedly effective:

               FBS: decreased by over 20%

               PBS: decreased by over 20%


               FBS: decreased by 15-19% or normal

               PBS: decreased by over 10%

               Failure: No change

2. Result and Analysis

2.1 Among the 24 cases:


Markedly effective: 5 cases (20.8%)

Effective :12 cases (50%)

Failure:7 cases (29.2%)

The effective rate:70.8%.


2.2 Result of BS test

               (1) Changes of Blood Sugar Before and After Doing Qigong Exercises:

               Blood-sugar content reduced obviously both before and after meals. Three weeks later, the patients' saccharogenic plasma proteins indexes decreased by 8% on an average.

               (2) Changes of blood lipid before and after qigong exercises:

               After qigong exercises, TG level lowered and TC content reduced obviously (P<0.05). LDL-content also reduced obviously while HDL-C content increased obviously.

               (3) Symptoms relieved

               (4) Changes of the quantity of medicines and staple food:

                No change: 14 cases

                The quantity of medicines reduced: 5 cases

                The quantity of medicines decreased while that of staple food increased: 4 cases

3. Result and Analysis

               According to the result, we can find that blood sugar can be lowered successfully by doing qigong exercises. Furthermore, 42.9% of the patients took less medicine but had more staple food.

               During qigong exercises, saccharogenic plasma proteins indexes decreased. The difference between PBS and FBS got smaller. Meanwhile, those who had depended on insulin needed less insulin. In addition, FBS decreased by 3.39mmol/L, PBS decreased by 5.67mmol/L on an average. Abnormal blood lipids recovered to some extent too.

Source: World Medical Qigong Academic Society Conference,



Note: The more important part of doing qigong is to maintain and preserve the cardiovascular system of the patients.--Joe Hing Kwok Chu


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