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"Electricity Qigong", a Deceptive Trick (in English and Chinese 中英文)

電氣功與氣功無緣              按此看中文

translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu 

Electricity Qigong Has Nothing to Do with Qigong

In China, many people have seen a spring festival gala television show with some breathtaking performances of so-called "electrical power". During the introduction by a famous comedian, a performer held both ends of a 220-volt circuit, one end in each hand, and the light bulb in the circuit suddenly lit up. The performer was was calm and relaxed and was not affected . Then the performer used both hands to  connect the circuit of an electric stove which turned red hot. On top of the stove there were lamb skewers. The lamb skewers began to put out white smoke and the audience became excited. Some of them tasted and enjoyed the tasty lamb skewers. That scene was really touching. A long continuous applause and cheers followed.

A qigong master called Yan Xin who was once known as "the modern immortal, Monk Lord Ji"[1] came to Liaoning Stadium of Tieling City where he performed the same electrical trick.

Yan Xin told the audience: "Do not do this performance because it can take only 0.l seconds to kill you. When training reaches a certain level, one can withstand the current  and voltage most people can not withstand and even able to withstand strong currents, strong voltage, and strong conductivity. This achievement is called five thunder bolt palm"[2]  

Some qigong "experts"  who can touch electricity with their bare hands have put up their shingles to promote so-called "electric therapy".  An endless stream of patients was attracted and business is really booming!

Are these masters telling the truth that only those with high-level qigong achievement can withstand the current of 220 volts? Several people who had never practiced qigong wanted to clarify the fact. They were not convinced by the electric qigong shows. They personally tried the experiment and arrived at a convincing negative answer: electrical power performance has nothing to do with qigong. The result of the experiments showed that  ordinary people who have never practised qigong can perform what the qigong masters did on the electric qigong shows.

Some brave souls of the Physics Department of Beijing Medical University, Dr. Ma Qingping and  Wang Jun et al. did a study to find out what is the body tolerance to electrical current. In their experiments, they used animals and humans, exposing them to 220 volts current. The results: rats exposed to current for 5 seconds did not show any abnormal reaction after terminating the current. Next, rats and rabbits were connected in series and exposed to 35 seconds of electric current. They also showed no abnormal reaction after terminating the current. Later two young persons held the common wire and hot wire with current running through the lines for up to 30 seconds, and there was no abnormal reaction. The two men mimicked the electric qigong master in treating patients by putting the index finger on the yintang acupoints (a point between the eyebrows) of the patients for 30 seconds,  "to open the heavenly eye", so-called by those electric qigong masters

The researchers believe that this experiment showed that the human body has a certain degree of resistance to the contact of electrical current up to a certain limit. Within the limit, the current going through the body is not dangerous. This phenomenon is called the body's electrical tolerance phenomenon. Knowledge of safe use of electricity has told us that when the current goes through the body of 1 second at 1-5 mA, it is not dangerous.  If the current is 50 to 100 mA , it can cause human respiratory, and circulatory system excitement. Current of 200 mA will cause ventricular fibrillation and can be lethal. But it is worth mentioning that when 10 to 20 mA current is run through the body, it can cause muscle spasm and contraction. It  will be difficult to release the hands of those holding the wires , and the continuing flow of the current through the body will cause death from electric shock. The current used in the experiment where the two people were tested was 220 volts with amperage of between 0.4mA to 3 mA.

According to the survey, the electric qigong masters used 3 mA or less in their "treatment".

It should be emphasized that if proper insulation  is not used between the body and ground, the resistance will drop drastically, and the current going through the body will increase drastically. Death from electrical shock can occur; thus, do not contact the electrical source without proper protection.

The conclusion is that contacting electricity has nothing to do with qigong. Some people take advantage of most people who do not understand electricity or afraid of electricity. They promote themselves as having special supernatural power and put on shows every where and put up their qigong shop with so called qigong clinics. These will distort the real characteristics of qigong and will cause damage to qigong practice.

In the year of 1989, Mr. Yan Xin went to Hong Kong to perform using qi to alter the molecular structures of substances. The experiment failed and became a laughing matter. At that time also the electric qigong show was duplicated by many Hong Kong people who had never practised qigong, thereby exposing the fraud on the spot.

Many Hong Kong newspapers editorials criticized the show. 

The newspaper, Ming Bao on March 21 had an article entitled "Yan Xin's Fake Show and Tricks". 

Wen Hui Daily News, on March 14,  had an article entitled "Science Extra-normal Phenomena Study Committee reported that playing tricks of not being electrocuted can be taught. The conclusion is  that those qigong masters playing with electricity do not have abnormal ability."

Tintin Daily News reported on March 14, that a scientific technology association of Hong Kong did some experiments from different groups and found that electricity running through human bodies has nothing to do with qigong and absolutely is not supernatural  ability. Average persons after simple training can perform that kind of feat.

Good people, please do not accept the preaching of those "grand gurus", "supermen", without analyzing the facts.

[1] The immortal Lord Ji (Ji Gong) 濟公 is a legendary character. He was a funny Buddhist monk that could perform miracles.

[2] Source: "Contemporary Science New Heaven and Earth - Mr. Yan Xin Qigong introduced" written by Dong Jian Zhen.

  許多人在一春節晚 會電視節目中看到一個令人驚嘆不已的表演電氣功。在一著名笑星的主持介紹下,表演者用兩手分別握住一220伏電路的兩端,只見電路中的燈泡頓時亮 了起來,而表演者卻安然無恙,還是那麼瀟洒從容。接著表演者又用兩手將自己聯入接著一個電爐的電路中, 隨著電爐變紅,有人在上邊烤起羊肉串來。但見羊肉 串歧吱地冒著白煙,人們懷著興奮敬佩的心情在鎮定自若的表演者面前品嘗著香噴噴的羊肉串......那場面真是動人心弦,掌聲和喝彩聲久久不斷。
  被譽為現代濟公的嚴新大師一次在遼寧鐵嶺市體育館表演同樣的電氣功絕活時告訴觀眾:其他人可不要這樣做,0.l 秒就要打死人的。練功練到一定 程度才能承受一般人不能承受的電流電壓,甚至能承受強電流、強電壓,並有導電能力,這在功夫裡叫五雷掌功夫(見《當代科學新天地嚴新氣功介紹》董踐真 著)。一些能摸電的氣功師還紛紛挂起電氣功診室的牌子,用這種方法給患者進行所謂的電氣功治療。前去求診者絡繹不斷,生意好不紅火!
  事實難道真象這些大師們描述的那樣,只有具備了高級氣功功夫後,才能具有抵御220 伏電壓的能力嗎?有幾位從未練過氣功、但又不願輕易被親眼所見的 表面事實給迷惑住的勇敢者,他們用自己親身嘗試的實驗,對這一問題做出了令人信服的否定性回答電氣功表演與氣功無關。他們的實驗結果向人們顯示,從未 練過氣功的人掌握了方法,照樣可以表演。
  這幾位勇敢者是北京醫科大學物理教研室的博士馬青平和同一大學的王軍等人。他們的實驗旨在搞清人體對電有無耐受能力。實驗採用220伏電壓在實驗動物 和人身上接觸。結果,給大白鼠通電5秒鐘斷電後無異常反應。後又將大白鼠與兔子串聯,通電35秒鐘,斷電後也無異常反應。當實驗對象轉到普通人時,由兩個 分別 聯有零線、火線的年輕人彼此將手緊緊握在一起,電流通過的時間長達30秒鐘,同樣沒有異常反應。之後, 兩個人模仿電氣功師為患者治病情況:醫 生以食指按住患者印堂穴30秒鐘,電氣功師稱此為開天目療法。
  科研人員認為,這項實驗表明人體具有一定的電阻值,對所接觸的電流有屏蔽作用,只要不超過一定限度,電流通過人體是沒有危險的。這種現象叫做人體的電 耐受現象。安全用電的知識已經告訴我們,當電流通過人體的時間只有1秒鐘,1毫安至5毫安電流對人尚沒有什麼危險;50~100毫安電流則會引起人體呼吸 、循環系統的興奮; 200毫安電流便會引起心室纖顫置人於死地。但值得一提的是,當10~20毫安的電流通過人體時會使肌肉痙孿性收縮,使人抓住電線的 手難以鬆開,導致電流持續通過,造成觸電死亡。這次實驗中測試的兩個人在220伏電壓下通過的電流均在0.4~3毫安之間。據調查,電氣功師用於治療 的電流一般也在3毫安以內。

必須強調的是,當人體 與地面絕緣不好或手濕時,電阻會急劇下降,通過人體的電流驟增,觸電死亡就會發生。因此不可在無保護的情況下隨意接觸電源。

  綜上可見,人體通 過電流與氣功毫無關系。一些人利用多數人對有關電學知識了解不多和懼怕觸電的心理, 標榜自己具有特異能力,並將這種通電術也挂上氣功的招牌,到處表演, 或開設電氣功診室,起的只能是掩蓋氣功實質、損傷氣功聲譽的的作用。

  l989年嚴新曾 到香港去做發氣改變分子結構的實驗和電氣功表演。結果不僅實驗未成功大丟其醜,而且電氣功表演也被沒練過氣功的香港人當場重復出來而大現其眼。香港報界紛 紛撰文評論,如《明報》3月21日的文章標題是《嚴新的假戲與把戲》,《文匯報》月3月l4文章標題是《科學異象研究組耍把戲電不死可以 練成結論是氣功師身體帶電非特異功能》,《天天日報》3月14日文章標題是《本港一科技協會做出聯合實驗,人體通電與氣功無關, 完全不是特異功能,普通 人士經簡單訓練皆可做到》。
  善良的人們,萬萬不要不加批判地就接受別 人的,尤其是各種大師、
超 人們的說教啊!  

網 上 科 學 館  12/20/2004/星期一



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