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dao chi san   導赤散

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu    

Name of formula: dao chi san (Source: Yi Zong Jin Jian)

Application: stomatitis (inflammation of the mouth cavity), thrush (yeast infection of the mouth), baby crying at day due to heat in the heart channel: also acute infection of the urinary tract can be treated with this formula with adjustment.


dan zhu ye  3 qian, mu tong  3 qian, sheng di huang 4 qian, gan cao  3 qian.

Add 2 bowls of water. Simmer till 80% of a bowl is left. Strain. Drink an hour before meal, while the liquid is warm.

Use the residual herb and add 2 bowls of water and simmer down to 70% of a bowl. Drink while warm.

Warning: This formula can be toxic to the kidneys because of the herb mu tong. There are different varieties of mu tong in the market. Before the Qing dynasty, however, it was not toxic because mu tong was derived from either the plant of Akebia guinata or the plant Akebia lobata.  Today, ninety five percent of mu tong  used in China is from the stem of Aristolochia debilis, called guan mu tong (關木通), a toxic plant usually grown in the northeastern provinces of China, formally called Manchuria. Only rarely in a few localities in China, is mu tong obtained from Akebia guinata or Akebia lobata being used. Many cases of kidney failure have been reported in the China from taking this formula.Today in China, all manufactured formulae that contain guan mu tong (aristolochia debilis) are being banned because of the toxicity to the kidneys.

If you use this formula, make sure you are not using guan mu tong. Use chuan chuan mu tong or huai tong, or bai mu tong tong instead. It is difficult to find chuan mu tong or huai tong, or bai mu tong.


Heat in the heart channel syndrome: chest area is hot and edgy, thirsty, red face, prefer cold drink, boils in mouth and/or on tongue, or with urinary infection, rapid pulse, red tongue.

藥方名: 導赤散 《 醫宗金鑒 》





淡 竹 葉  三錢,  木通 三錢,  生地黃 四錢,  甘草 三錢。

頭煎水兩碗煎八分.  飯前 一小時溫服. 


備 註:


心熱移於小腸 可見心煩,小便赤澀或莖痛(男性),頻尿,白尿,或血尿,臍腹脹痛,舌質紅,苔黃,脈數。 

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