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dang gui bei mu ku shen wan 當歸貝母苦參丸 (in English and Chinese 中英文)
Translated by: Joe Hing kwok Chu 朱興國編譯   按此看中文

Name of Formula: dang gui bei mu ku shen wan  《source: Jin Gui Yao Luo 》

Other name: ku shen wan

Indications: urination difficult during pregnancy, diet as before. Urination not smooth, or astringent, or pain when you urinate, dark,  yellow red urine, anxiety. Also for treatment of   dry stools and constipation and hemorrhoids in pregnant women, caused by  Heat in large intestine. men.

Composition:  dang gui,  bei mu,  ku shen 60 g.

Adjustment: for men, add hua shi10 g.

Make into fine powder and mix with refined honey and make into little pills, size of peas.

Take 3 pills with cook rice water. Gradually increase to 10 pills.

藥方名:當歸貝母苦參丸《 方源:金櫃要略 》 卷下


【別名】 苦參丸(《三因極一病証方論》卷十六)。

【處方】當 歸貝 母苦 參各 60克

加減:男子加滑 石10克。


【功能主治】主妊娠小便難,飲食如故。小便淋瀝不爽,或溲時澀痛,尿色黃赤,心胸煩悶。亦治孕婦大便干燥,以及痔瘡便秘,屬 大腸燥熱者。男子前列腺炎。



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