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chuan xiong cha tiao san 川芎茶調散


by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu    朱興國编譯         按此看中文



Name of Formula: chuan xiong cha tiao san (Source: Tai Ping Hui Min He Ji Ju Fang)  Literally it means Radix Ligustici chuanxiong powder to be mixed with tea.



Headache from catching external chill, regular or migraine headache, fever with chill, stuffy nose with abundance of mucus, dizziness with blurry vision, tears coming when get caught in wind,  floating and slippery pulse white tongue with thin fur.

Headache due to cold or flu, blood vessel spastic type of headache, or chronic sinus inflammation with the above syndrome.


chuan xiong 4 portions, jin jie 4 portions, fang feng 1.5 portions, jiang huo 2 portions, bo he 8 portions, bai zhi 2 portions, gan cao 2 portions, xi xin 1 portion.

Grind the above herb into fine powder. Take 6 grams each time after meal with light tea (not concentrated tea).

Adjustment of Formula:

Wind heat type of headache: add ju hua, sang ye, jiang can.
Wind cold type of headache: add sheng jiang, zi su.
Dizziness with blurry vision: add tian ma, gao ben.
Chronic sinus problems: add xin yi hua, cang er zi.
Stress related headache: add man jing zi, bai ji li.

Worry and anxiety type of headache: add xiao yao san

Wind cold type of headache: add  yu Ping Feng San

方名:  川芎茶調散 《方源:太平惠民和剤局方  》  


川 芎 4 份,荊芥 4 份,防風 1.5 份,薑活 2 份,薄荷 8 份,白 芷 2 份,甘草 2份,細 辛 1 份。

上藥研為細末。每服 6克,食後用清茶 調下。




1.外感風邪頭痛。正偏頭痛,惡風有汗,惡寒發熱 ,鼻塞痰盛,頭暈目眩,衝風淚出,舌苔薄白,脈浮滑者。



1. 風熱頭痛:加菊花桑葉殭蠶
2. 風寒頭痛:加生 薑紫 蘇
3. 頭暈目眩:加天麻  
4. 慢性鼻疾:加辛荑花蒼耳子
5. 神經性頭痛:加蔓荊子白蒺藜
6. 思慮頭暈:合 逍遙散
7. 風寒頭眩:合 玉屏風散


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