Carp Porridge for Pacifying Fetus (check code)

 Translated by Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Name of herbal dish: Fetus Pacifying Carp Porridge Tai Ping Sheng Hui Fang

For: pacifying fetus, stop bleeding, reduce edema.


  • one carp (about 500 grams)

  • zhu ma gen 20 to 30 g

  • sweet rice 50 g

  • green onion, to taste

  • fresh ginger, to taste

  • oil, to taste

  • salt, to taste

Clean carp. Cut into piece. Add water to make soup.

Boil zhu ma gen  with 2000 cc of water and simmer to 100 cc. Strain and add to the carp soup.

Add sweet rice and other ingredients and cook into porridge (about 1 hour).

Make into 2 servings. Take it in the morning and in the evening.

Three to five days is one therapy period. Take a break of 2 or 3 days and continue.


習 慣 性流產 食療 方
  安胎鲤鱼粥 《太平聖 惠方》

活鲤鱼1条 (约500克左右) 苧 麻根20~30克 糯米50克,葱、薑 、油、盐各适量。

  【制作】鲤鱼去鳞及腸, 洗净切片煎汤。再取苎麻根加水 2,000克,煎至100克,去渣留汁,入鲤鱼汤中,并加糯米和葱、姜、油、盐各适量,煮成稀粥。

  【用法】每日早晚趁 热食。 3~5天为一疗程。

  【功效】用於 胎动不安、胎漏下血、妊娠浮肿。




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