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Xue Re, Blood Heat Syndrome 血熱xue zao 血燥

 (in English and Chinese 中英文)

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Xue re (blood heat) is a traditional Chinese medicine term. Xue re literally means "blood heat". It is also called xue zao.

The syndrome:

The patient may exhibit thirst, dark urine, dry or hard stools, red tongue or tongue with red tip, yellow coating on tongue, flushed face, acne, thin pulse and/or a rapid pulse.  The patient may have a higher than normal body temperature if he has a rapid pulse rate; he/she may also dislike warm temperatures.

See yin deficient.      See xue han (blood cold) syndrome.

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口渴﹐大便亁結, 小便黃赤, 舌紅, 苔薄黃, 臉紅﹐脈細數, 身熱﹐怕熱。

按此看陰 虛篇 。 按此看血寒證.

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