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biao xu (external deficient) 表虛

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu     (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Biaoxu (external deficient) is a term in traditional Chinese medical diagnostics.

Biao xu can be classified into 2 categories:

1 biaoxu caused by catching cold or influenza: the symptoms include: spontaneous perspiration,  headache, stiff neck, fever, sweating, aversion to wind, slow and floating pulse.

2. biaoxu caused by  fei qi deficient and spleen deficient, the immune system is weak,  spontaneous sweating (also called cold sweat), vulnerable to external cold. This is internal type of injuries. Clinical symptoms include: catching cold or influenza easily, looking pale, short of  breath, asthma arises when doing physical chores or exercises, fatigue, weak digestion with loose stools, pale tongue with white fur, thin floating pulse, heart weakness.
See: gui zhi tang

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表虛証 有兩種:

1. 外感表虛:感受風邪而致的表証,以惡風、自汗為特征,為外感表虛。

2. 內傷表虛:為肺氣虛脾氣虛而致的表虛 。衛氣弱 ,經常自汗,易被外邪侵襲,是為內傷表虛。臨床表現為:平時常自汗出,亦稱為冷汗。容易感冒,兼有面色 淡白,短氣,動則氣喘,怠倦乏力,納少便 溏,舌淡苔白,脈浮虛細弱,心臟無力。



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