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bai hu tang  白虎湯       (in English and Chinese 中英文)

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu      按此看中文

Name of Formula: bai hu tang (Shan Han Lun)

Usage: for getting rid of heat.

Symptoms: Heat in yang ming channel : fever, thirst, red colored face and sweating.


shi gao 50 g, smashed, zhi mu 18 g, zhi gan cao 6 g, rice 50 g.

Add 3000 c.c. of water and simmer down to 1000 c.c. Strain. Make into 3 servings. Take one prescription per day.     

Warning: Do not use this formula if the patient's pulse is floating and tight or pulse is deep, or not thirsty, or not sweating.
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白虎湯 (傷 寒論)



組成: 石膏 50 , (打碎),  知 母 18 , 炙 甘草 6 克, 梗米 50 克。

加水3000 cc.   煮至米熟。湯成去渣。溫服。日服三次。



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