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bai hu jia ren shen tang 白虎加人參湯  


Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu (in English and Chinese 中英文)


Name of Formula: bai hu jia ren sheng tang

Application: For purging infection and lowering fever. Being used in treatment of typhoid fever or febrile disease, where excessive heat and Yin deficiency, fever, thirst, dry mouth, sweating, syndrome with large and weak pulse, febrile sickness with weakness and dehydration, sweating, chills, fever with thirst.


shi gao  30 - 45 g (smashed and wrap with cotton cloth), zhi mu 18 g, zhi gan cao 6 g, rice 12 g, ren shen 9.

Add 800 c.c. of water and simmer down to 450 c.c. Strain. Make into 3 servings. Take one prescription per day.  


Note: this formula is bai hu tang with added  ren shen.

白虎加人參湯 《太平惠民和劑局方》

別名: 人參白虎湯

主治: 清熱瀉火,益氣生津。傷寒或溫病,裡熱盛而氣陰不足,發熱,煩渴,口舌乾燥,汗多,脈大無力;暑病津氣兩傷,汗出惡寒,身熱而渴。

知母18克 石膏30~45克(碎,綿裹)甘草(炙)6克 粳米12克 人參 9克

加水800 毫升,煎成450 毫升。每次溫服150毫升,一日分三次 服。

註:此方是  白虎湯加人參而成。

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