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ba zheng san  八正散  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

translated explained by:  Joe Hing Kwok Chu     按此看中文

Name of Formula: Ba Zheng San  《source of formula: Tai Ping Hui Min He Ji Ju Fang  》

Application: to rid of damp heat and to promote urination.

Formula Ingredients:

che qian zii 3 qian, mu tong 3 qian, qu maii 3 qian, bian xu 3 qian, hua shi 3 qian, gan cao shao 3 qian, shan zhi zi 3 qian, da huang 3 qian, deng xin cao 2 qian.

Boil with water and use tea.

Caution: Most of the mu tong sold in China is the guan mu tong variety which is toxic for the kidneys.  Historically mu tong came from the plant, Akebia guinata or  Akebia lobata but now ninety five percent of mu tong is guan mu tong 關木通 which is the stem of Aristolochia debilis.  Now preparation containing guan mu tong is banned by the Chinese government .

Note: qian = 3.75 grams (old measurement here)

方 名: 八正散 《方源:太平惠民和濟局方  》  

用途:去 濕熱利尿

症狀﹕尿黃,脈 濡或滑,舌苔 黃膩之症狀﹐如有發熱則脈較快數。


車前子 3 , 木 通 3 , 瞿麥 3 , 扁 蓄 3  ,,  滑 石  3 ,, 甘草梢,, 山栀子,.   大 黃  3 錢,  燈心草 2 錢。




  1. 濡脈﹕極 軟而浮細,按之似無,舉之有餘,如帛衣在水中,輕手與肌肉相得而軟,是浮小而軟。

  2. 滑脈﹕往 來流利,如珠走盤,應指圓滑。

注意﹕ 木通有幾種。現在 市場上賣的 95% 是關木通, 屬于馬 兜鈴科﹐對腎臟有毒。凡含有關木通的成藥將被禁賣。如 不可用關木通。

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