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Ba zhen tang 八珍湯 (in English and Chinese 中英文)

by: Joe Hing kwok Chu                按此看中文

Name of Formula: ba zhen tang

Application: qi and blood deficient (qixu and xue xu) with yinxu with heat, pixu (weak digestion), lack of strength, emanciated muscles, bleeding after birth or during pregnancy,  anemia with dizziness, blurry vision with palpitation, pale complexion, weakness after sickness, irregular menses, as tonic before and after giving birth.



sheng jiang 3 slices, ren shen 12 g, dang gui 12 g, da zao 12 g, bai zhu 12 g,

chuan xiong 12 g, fu ling 12 g, shao yao 12 g, gan cao 6 g, shu di huang 12 g.

Add 1,200 cc of water. Simmer till about 320 cc is left.

Take before meal, while warm.

Adjustment of formula:

1. achy loinadd niu xi, du zhong.
2. lack of appetiteadd
shan yao, shan zha, mai ya, qian shi.
3.blood deficient) with headacheadd
man jing zi, gao ben.

4. to regulate mensesadd yi mu cao.
5. habitual
miscarriageadd sha ren, zi su.
6. chronic ulceration of boilsadd
rou gui, huang qi. Then it is called shi quan da bu tang
7. excessive fetus movementsadd
huang qi, xu duan, huang qin, sha ren.

Note: In cases of qixu (qi deficient) with blood deficient and dislike cold, use this formula (ba zhen tang); but qixu (qi deficient) with xuexu (blood deficient) with yangxu (yang deficient) use shi quan da bu tang.

Note: ba zhen tang derives from the combination si wu tang and si jun zi tang  With added  rou gui, huang qi,  it is called shi quan da bu tang




(四物湯四 君子湯名為八珍湯)


氣虚血 虚 而有 陰虛內熱,脾胃虧損,食慾不振肢體無力 肌肉消瘦胎產崩漏, 體虛衰弱,貧血頭暈,目眩心悸,面色蒼白,病後衰弱月經不調腰痛,產前產後調養。


生薑  三 片,  人參  三 錢 當歸  三 錢 大棗  三 枚 白朮  三 錢 川 芎  三錢 茯苓  三 錢 芍藥  三錢甘草  錢半 熟地黃  三 錢。





1. 腰骨痠痛:加
牛 膝杜 仲
2. 納呆:加
山 藥山 楂麥 芽芡 實
3. 血虛頭痛:加
蔓 荊子  。
4. 調經:加
慣性流 産砂 仁紫 蘇
6. 瘡口不收:加
肉 桂黃 耆名曰十全十補湯
7. 胎動不安:加黃 耆續 斷黃 芩砂 仁


氣虛, 血虛,兼陽虛 手足冰冷者使用十全十補湯

此方﹐一錢 = 3.75 克。(舊制)

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