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bai wei shun qi wan 八味順氣丸

 by Joe Hing Kwok Chu       (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Name of Formula: ba wei shun qi san

For: Sequela of stroke, qi stagnation in meridian type


Syndrome: paralysis of limbs or face, fullness in chest and rib area, frequent sighing, fullness in abdomen area, pink tongue with thin white fur, stringy pulse.



ren shen, bai zhu,  bai zhi,  wu yao,  qing pi 10 g each,

fu ling, chen pi 15 g each, gan cao 8 g.

Make into decoction and use as tea.


方名 :八味順氣散(世醫得效方)

主 治 ﹕ 中風後遺症﹐氣滯經絡型

症狀:肢體 癱瘓或口眼彎斜,胸脅脹滿,嘆息為快,脘腹滿悶,舌質淡紅,舌苔薄白,脈弦。

組 成 ﹕

人參白 朮白 芷烏藥  青皮 各10 g,茯 苓陳 皮 各15 g,甘 草 8 g。

水煎服 。

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