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Asthma, Acupressure Therapy

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu      按此看 中文

Please enable your browser to read traditional Chinese BIG5

1. During acute attack:

alternately press

2. During subsiding period:

alternately press

five times per day, 10 minutes each time.

3. For health maintenance:

use moxibustion on

three times a day, 15 minutes each time.


Location of zhongfu (LU 1 中府): On the both sides of the chest, in the first intercostal  (between ribs) space, 6 cun sideway to the midline, 1 cun inferior to Yunmen (LU-2 雲門).
Indications: Cough , asthma , pain in the chest , shoulder and back , fullness of the chest .

Location of qihu (S 13 氣戶): At the lower border of the middle of the clavicle (collarbone), 4 cun sideways to the Ren Meridian.

Indications: Fullness in the chest , asthma , cough , hiccups , pain in the chest and hypochondrium


Location of kufang (S 14 庫房): In the first intercostal (between ribs) space , 4 cun sideways to the Ren Meridian.

Indications﹕ Cough, sensation of fullness and pain in the chest.


Location of wuyi (S15 屋醫): In the second intercostal (between ribs) space , 4 cun sideway to the Ren Meridian

Indications: Cough, asthma, fullness and pain in the chest and the costal region.


Location of hegu (LI4  合谷): On the dorsum of the hand , between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones , approximately in the middle of the 2nd metacarpal bone on the radial side. Line up the  position the transverse crease of the first joint of the thumb with the margin of the web between the thumb and the index finger of the other hand . The point is where the tip of the thumb touches .

Indications: Headache, pain in the neck, tightness in the shoulders, redness, swelling and pain of the eye, nose bleeding, nasal obstruction, nasal discharge, toothache, deafness, swelling of the face, sore throat, inflammation of the saliva glands, lockjaw, facial paralysis, fever without sweating, excessive sweating,  abdominal pain, dysentery, constipation, amenorrhea, delayed labor, infantile convulsion, pain, weakness and motor impairment of the upper limbs .


Location of zusanli (S36 足三里): 3 cun below Dubi ( S35 犢鼻  ), one finger breadth from the anterior crest of the tibia.

Indications: Gastric pain, vomiting hiccup, abdominal distension, noisy intestine, diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, mastitis, enteritis, aching of the knee joint and leg, beriberi, edema, cough, asthma, emaciation due to general deficiency, indigestion, apoplexy, hemiplegia, dizziness, insomnia, mania.


Location of fenglong (S 40 豐隆): 8 cun above the external malleolus, about one finger breadth sideways to Tiao kou (S38 條口).

Indications: Headache, dizziness and vertigo, cough, asthma, excessive sputum, pain in the chest, constipation, mania, epilepsy, muscular atrophy, motor impairment, pain, swelling or paralysis of the lower extremities .


Location of shenzhu (Du 12 身柱): Below the spinous process of the third thoracic vertebra.

Indications:  Cough, asthma, epilepsy, stiffness and pain in the back.


Malleolus: either of the two rounded protuberances on each side of the ankle. The inner malleolus is formed by a projection of the tibia and the outer one is formed by a projection of the fibula.

Cun: length of the middle joint of the middle finger of the patient being measured.

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