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Anti cancer effect of lei gong teng (tripterygium wilfordii, Hook. f.)

Translated and edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Triptolide and   tripdiolide   , () are highly effective in treating cancer.

Using alcohol extract of lei gong teng, triptolide or tripdiolide on mice with leukemia L1210, (50~400mcg/kg), showed that the therapy was highly effective [58].  


The effective dosage for mice with L1210 and P388 was 0.1mg/kg. Using triptolide of 0.25mg and 0.2mg/kg on mice with leukemia L615, has proved to prolong the survival rates to more than 159.8% and 87.8% respectively and also has caused some of the mice to survive long term. Using spleen cell L615, once a month continually for three months to attack the cancer cells that survived long term, did not affect the survival rate of the mice or cause them to get ill [24,58,59].



Triptolide can inhibit cancer cells of the stomach. It can cause the cancer cells to destroy themselves. Just in two days, half of the cancer cells died off. [c]


Bibliography (in Chinese) on Anti Cancer Effect :

[24] Li shi Zhang, Nanjing Xue Yuan Xue Bao, 1984, 15 (1) 69

[58] Wu Da Gang, Yunnan zhi Wu Yuan Jiu, 1979; 1 (2); 29

[59] Zhang Tan Lin et al, Yao Xue Tong Bao, 1980, 15 (5); 46


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