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an gong niu huang wan 安宫牛黄丸 (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Edited by: Joe Hing kwok Chu            按此看中文


Name of Formula: an gong niu huang wan  《source: Wen Bing Tiao Bian 》

Application: epidemic meningitis, epidemic encephalitis B, viral encephalitis, cepticimia, cerebral vascular accidents with delirium, high fever and rapid pulse rate.


niu huang 60 g, yu jin 60 g, huang lian 60 g, huang qin 60 g,   zhi zi 60 g, xi jiao 60 g, xiong huang 60 g, she xiang 15 g, mei pian15 g, zhu sha 60  g, zhen zhu 30 g,  gold foil for wrapping  60 g,


Medical Function:

  1. Anti-epilepsy effect: this formula can antagonize the stimulating effect of pentetrazole on mice. It can postpone the clonic convulsion of penetrazole and lower the death rate due to clonic convulsion. The experiment on mice shows that the formula can inhibit the cerebral cortex and protect the CNS. It can also antagonize the clonic convulsion effect of strychnine. [1]

  2. Antipyretic effect: this formula possesses antipyretic effect on the fever of rabbits caused by bacterotioxin. [1]

[1] Traditional Chinese Medicine Information News 1989 (106):2

Today, false An Gong Niu Huang Wan are permeating the market. Buyers should beware.



藥方名:安 宫牛黄丸 《方源 :温病條辨  》

主治:本 方抑菌,解毒,興奮中樞神經。主要用於:流行性腦脊膜炎,流行性乙型腦炎,病毒性腦炎,敗血症,腦血管意 外,見神昏譫語,壯熱,脈數者。


牛黃 60克, 鬱金 60克, 黃蓮60克 , 黃芩 60克,   梔子60克 , 犀角 60克 , 雄黄 60克, 麝香 15克, 梅片15克 , 硃砂 60 克, 珍珠 30克 金箔 為衣 60克,
共研為極細末,煉蜜為丸,每丸3克,金箔為衣,蠟護。脈虛者人 參湯 下。脈實者金銀花
薄 荷湯 下,每服一丸。大人病重體實者,日再服,甚者日三服,小兒服半丸,不 效,再 服半丸。


1. 抗驚厥作用:本方能對抗苯巴胺對小鼠的興奮作用,明顯延緩小鼠戊四氮性陣攣發作,降低驚厥和死亡率。說明對大腦皮層 有抑制作用,對生命中樞有一定的保護作 用。此外尚有抗士的寧驚厥作用。【1】
2. 解熱作用:本方對細菌毒素引起的家兔發熱有明顯解熱作用,給藥後一小時與對照組相比有顯著性差異(P<0.001), 並可維持5~6小時以上。【1】

【1】《 中醫藥信息報》1989 (106):2



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