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An Example of Daoist Coded Writing

 by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Usually the daoist writings are coded with terms that are not understood by outsiders. The following is one of them. 

Source of Chinese Writing: Bao Sheng Mi Yao - Secrete Essentials of Health Maintenance (a Daoist writing).

Rub hands till hot. Press and massage feng fu (風 府) for more than a hundred times. After calming down, cross fingers of both hands and grap feng fu (風 府) tightly and bow forward for more than a hundred times. When sweat is coming out, avoid wind, focus on qi hai point. Do gen bei (艮 背)for one incense. Eat your meal a little later. Now the practice is effective.


For headache, fullness in the upper back, loin are, knees, and fever:

Watch gen bei (守 艮背). After entering ding () practise xing ting (用 行庭 ), send to feng fu (風 府), visualize a hundred circles, straight to ni wan (泥丸), also visualize a hundred circles. Then divide the qi into 2 branches and go into the eyes and go to the pupils also visualize a hundred circles. Merge the qi and go into the ridge of the nose. Circle into the deep area. Circle for some time and go into que qiao (鵲 橋) and pass cong lou (重 樓), go through the chest and abdomen and stop in qi hai (氣海). When you sleep, make child's seal (孩 兒印)with your hands and curl your toes of both feet. Bite your teeth together and focus and circulate in qi hai (氣海). Practise until the mind is clear  (心 純) and the qi will go to the front and back. Bad energy will dissipate. All pain and swelling will disappear. Or, use your fingers massage both side of your head and to the ears. Use the nails to squeeze them till you feel the pain. It will create dao yin (導 引) effect.

Note: gen bei, ding, xing ting, feng fu, ni wan, que qiao, cong lou, qi hai, huang ting are all daoist terms.  To guard their secret of training, most daoist writings are heavily loaded with those jargons to confuse outsiders.

(To decode the writing, consult your instructor.)

One incense: the time of burning one stick of incense, which is about an hour.

傷風導引運功 法  (保 生秘要)

《保生秘要》曰: 先擦手心極熱, 按摩風府百餘次, 後定心以兩手交叉緊抱風府, 向前拜揖百餘, 俟汗自出, 勿見風, 定息氣海, 清坐一香, 飯食遲進, 則效矣。   

[運 功法]  《保生秘要》曰: 凡頭疼、目脹、 背脹、腰脹、膝酸、發熱 者, 當先守艮背, 入定後用行庭, 運至風府, 用意繞回百度, 直行泥丸, 亦旋百度, 後分兩路, 旋眼胞, 漸入瞳人百度, 至鼻柱合行, 亦旋入深處, 多旋一會, 接上鵲橋, 經重樓, 行胸腹, 止於氣海。 睡時以兩手捻孩兒印, 兩腳屈指, 咬緊牙關, 意在氣海旋繞。 或繞入黃庭注念, 練至心純, 不覺真意自旋一貫, 前後間行, 邪氣無不散者, 疼脹自止。 或以手指於腦上著力分兩 邊摩之, 及耳根處, 以指甲捻之至疼, 有導引之功。


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