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Amenorrhea, acupressure        閉經,按摩取穴法

(In English and Chinese 中英文)


Translated and edited by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu 朱興國譯     按此看中文。


Locations of Points being used in amenorrhea therapy


The points are linked to picture webpages 

Pictures links, credit: ACUXO

  1. xue hai (Sp 10) (sea of blood): when the patient's knee is bent, cup your right palm to his left knee, with the thumb on the medial side and with the other four fingers directed proximally, and the thumb forming an angle of 45 with the index finger. The point is where the tip of your thumb rests. Or ask the patient to sit down and lift up and straighten one leg. At the inside of the knee there is an indentation. Above the indentation there is a muscle. On the tip of the muscle is the location of xue hai point. Another pic.

  2. qi hai (CV 6) (sea of qi) On the front midline, 1.5 cun below the naval.

  3. guan yuan : On the front midline, 3 cun below the navel.

  4. san yin jiao (Sp 6): 3 cun higher to the medial malleolus , behind the border of the tibia (shin bone).

  5. zu san li (ST 36) :3 cun below du bi (ST-35), one finger-breadth (middle finger) from the anterior border of the tibia.

  6. he gu (LI 4): Line up  the crease of the first joint of the thumb with the edge of the web between the thumb and the index finger of the other hand. The point is where the tip of the thumb touches. See this pic.

  7. xing jian (LV 2) At the web margin between the first and second metatarsophalangeal joints.

  8. zhong ji (RN 3) On the midline, 4 cun below the naval .

For Qi stagnation, work more on these points: zhong ji (Ren 3), he gu  (LI 4), xue haii (SP 10), san yin jiao (SP 6), xing jian (LV 2)


Do not work on these points if you are pregnant.


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malleolus: rounded protuberance side of the ankle, the projection of the tibia.

Note: cun is the length of the middle joint of the middle finger. Literally means inch.

       Ren is also translated as CV (conception vessel). Actually Ren means leaning.



  1. 關元 guān yun (RN 4): 在下腹部,前正中線上,當臍中下3寸。
    [解剖] 在腹白線上,深部為小腸;有腹壁淺動、靜脈分支,腹壁下動、靜脈分支;布有第十二肋間神經前皮支的內側支。

  2. 三陰交 (Sp 6) : 在內踝尖直上三,脛骨後緣。

  3. 行間  x ng jiā n (LR 2 ) : 在足背側,當第1、2 趾間,趾蹼緣的後方赤白肉際處。

  4. 氣海 位於前正中線上,臍下1.5寸。簡便取穴,可於肚臍眼下量二橫指。

  5. 血海 xu hǎi (SP 10): 屈膝,在大腿內側,髕底內側端上2寸,當股四頭肌內側頭的隆起處。

  6. 足三里 z sān lǐ (ST 36): 在小腿前外側,當犢鼻下3寸,距脛骨前緣一橫指(中指)。
    [解剖] 在脛骨前肌,趾長伸肌之間;有脛前動、靜脈;為腓腸外側皮神經及隱神經的皮支分布處,深層當腓深神經。

  7. 合谷 h gǔ (LI4): 拇指食指兩指之間凹陷中,第2掌骨之中點邊緣處。

  8. 中極 zhōng j (RN 3): 在下腹部,前正中線上,當臍中下4寸。

 氣滯 較重者,須注重中極,合谷,三陰交,血海,行間。


中 文 定 位 取 材 自 中 國 針 灸 網
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