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Compliled y: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Aesthetic qigong

Yumiko, Kiuchi

Touyou Esute Kyokai Touyou Iryo Qi Gong Gakkai, Japan

Recently, the number of women in the workforce has been increasing. These women, both young women and women with a long work history, hope to have sufficient energy to cope with their work and look and feel their best. Modern society is full of stress which can threaten health. In addition, many women find themselves struggling to stay slender in a society in which lifestyles and eating habits have become excessively rich resulting in more cases of obesity particularly in the lower half of the body. I have found that 70% of women who suffer from obesity in the lower half of their bodies also have bow-legs. In my work, I try first to correct the problem of bow-legs to attempt to take care of the lower body obesity.

I will introduce my Kikuchi Qi Gong - Body Work for Sufferers of Bow-legs now.


Examination of the patient

Foot Bath (15 minutes) with music while the patient's feet warm in the foot bath

Qigong Body Work (let Qi enter the body through Baihui (DU 20) acupoint in order to regulate the flow of obstructed Qi and blood in the meridians

Patient practices Heaven-Earth Qigong to regulate breathing

Cases and Treatment

17-year old girl practiced Relaxation Qi Gong and Heaven-Earth Qigong Body Work Massage. Once a week for 3 weeks she wore a special bandage for one hour a day.

A 28-year old woman practiced Relaxation Qi Gong and Heaven-Earth Qi Gong Body Work Massage. Once a week for 6 weeks she wore a special bandage for one hour a day.

37-year old woman practiced Relaxation Qi Gong and Heaven-Earth Qi Gong Body Work Massage. Once a week for 4 weeks she wore a special bandage for one hour a day.


Case 1 In addition to bow-legs, the 17-year old girl also suffered from irregular menstruation and lower body obesity about which she was much disturbed. These conditions were all regulated by treatment.

Case 2 The 28-year old woman had bow-legs from the time she was a child and had given up any hope of her condition improving. She also suffered from lower back pain which was also relieved by this therapy.

Case 3 The 37-year old woman had knee and lower back pain in addition to bow-legs. These additional symptoms were relieved by treatment.

From these cases we see that though many people have given up finding a solution to the problem of bow-legs, not only is the primary problem regulated by treatment and the shape of these people's legs corrected, but also secondary symptoms such as lumbago, knee pain, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and various other symptoms as well as the anxiety patients have concerning these discomforts relieved. In addition, these patients feel better in general and are very happy about the effects of Qigong on their daily lives. I, too, will continue to study and work with Qigong to try and contribute to the health and well-being of people.

Note: This report was published in 3rd World Medical Qigong Conference, held in Beijing in 1996.

A manuscript... writing, translating and proofreading              in progress

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