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Massage treatment for temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome

推拿治療顳頜關節功能紊亂症  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Translated and edited by: Joe Hing kwok Chu                按此看中文   

The patient can be sitting or lying down supine, or sideways with affected side up.  The healer should press on the points of shang guan GB 3, xia guan S 7, yi feng SJ 17, jia che S 6, he gu LI 4, and other points if necessary. If it is muscle dysfunction, the healer can use the method of one finger chan kneading method on the local muscle to relieve pain and spasm.


推拿治療顳頜關節功能紊亂症 [1]


患者正坐(或取臥位,患側在上)術者點按患側上關 GB 3下關S 7翳風 SJ 17頰車S 6合谷LI 4等穴。若係肌肉功能失調者,可在局部用一指禪推法、揉法和摩法,以舒筋活絡,解痙止痛。

TMJ syndrome: apply san qi tincture on the most painful part of jaw. Once a day. 5 to 7 days is one therapy period. Result:32 cases all show improvement in jaw movements.

顳頷關節下颔功能紊亂:田七粉末做成酊剤,貼於顳頷關節最痛部位。每天一次。5∼7次為一療程。结果:治療 32例,使頷關節運動明顯改善。

[1] 中國中醫 2011-11-11 ;編輯:劉靜

[2] 中药现代研究與臨床應用。陰健,郭力弓。


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