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Prostate Inflammation

Chinese Herb Therapy

by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Classification of Prostate Inflammation.

Diagnostics and Therapies


I. Damp heat in the lower body


Stranguria due to dampness and heat manifesting of tightness

and fullness of the lower abdomen, pain in the perineum and

abdomen, dribbling urination, cloudy urine, dryness of mouth

and throat, red tongue with yellow coating, slippery and rapid


Prescription: ba zheng san (source:tai ping hui min he ji ju fang)

Composition of formula:

mu tong 7 g, che qian zi  10 g, bian xu 10 g, qu mai 10 g,

hua shi 20 g, shan zhi zi  10 g, da huang 6 g, gan cao 5 g. Boil with

water and use as tea.

Caution: Most of the mu tong sold in China is the guan mu tong variety which is toxic for the kidneys.  Historically mu tong came from the plant, Akebia guinata or Akebia lobata but now ninety five of mu tong is guan mu tong 關木通 which is the stem of Aristolochia debilis. See ma dou ling


(一 )濕熱下注型


會陰部脹 痛,尿道排滴白濁黏,



 木 通 6克,車 前 子10克,扁蓄10克,

瞿麥10 克,滑石20克,山 梔 子 10克,

大黃6克,甘 草 5克。

水 煎 服 。




II. Pixu (spleen deficiency) and Dampness 


(二) 脾虛濕盛型



處方﹕參苓白朮 散加減:

黨 參 10克,炒白 朮 15克,茯 苓 24克,薏苡仁30克,砂仁7克,澤 瀉 15克,當 歸 10克,益母草 30克,陳皮10克。 

III. Qi and blood circulation stagnation (ischemia)

Urination is not smooth. heaviness in lower abdomen and perineum, hard and enlarged prostate gland, stringy pulse and purplish tongue.

Prescription: xue fu zhu yu tang

Composition of formula:

tao ren 10 g, hong hua 10 g, dang gui 15 g, xiao hui xiang 6 g,

chuang lian zi 10 g, wu yao 10 g, chi shao 12 g, ze lan 15 g, 

pu gong ying 30 g. Boil with water and use as tea.

(三 )氣滯血瘀型



處方﹕血 府 逐瘀湯:


小茴香6 克,川楝子10克,烏藥10克,



IV. Liver and shenxu (Liver and kidney deficiency)

Presence of white discharge at the opening of the urethra,

heaviness and swollen feeling at the perineum, pain and

weakness at the knees and lower back, hot flashes and night

 sweating, red tongue without coating, rapid and thin pulse.

Prescription: zhi bai di huang tang with adjustment

Composition of formula:

zhi mu 15 g, huang bai 10 g,  di huang 30 g, ze xie 15 g,

dan pi 15 g, fu ling 30 g, zhi he shou wu 15 g, huang jing 15 g,

bai wei 10 g, dan shen 15 g. Boil with water and use as tea.


(四 )肝腎陰虛型



知母15克,黃柏10克,地黃30克,澤瀉15克,丹皮15克,茯苓30克,制首烏15克,黃精15克,白薇 10克,丹參15克。 

V. Shenyangxu (kidney yang deficiency)

Weakness in the loins, and legs, cold lower part of the body (waist, legs and feet), tension in the lower abdomen, frequent urination or lack of urination, swollen tongue with pale coating, weak, slow pulse or deep and faint pulse in the che position (third position), phlegm retention syndrome, and flabby legs.

The formula can be used with adjustment in chronic nephritis, advance diabetes, parasympathetic nervous system disorder, senile dementia, and other chronic disorders or urinary dysfunction with syndrome of shenyangxu.

Prescription: jin gui shen qi wan with adjustment

Composition of formula:

zhi fu zi 10 g, tu si zi 10 g, xian ling pi 10 g, du zhong 10 g, huang jing 10 g, dang gui 15 g, huai shan yao15 g, fu ling  24 g.

Boil with water and use as tea.


(五 )腎陽不足型

症狀﹕見小便淋澀挾精,畏寒,腰膝酸 冷 ,腰 腿 弱 , 小 半 身 冷 , 少 腹 枸 急 ,

小 便 不 利 或 反 多 , 脈 虛 弱 , 尺 部 沉 微 ,陽痿,早泄,舌質淡胖,脈沈弱,  痰 飲 ,消 渴 , 腳 氣 。

慢 性 腎 炎 , 糖 尿 病 (一 般 嚴 重 期 )

,  老 年 性 痴 呆 , 初 期 前 列 腺 肥 大,  不 孕 ,

經 閉 , 植 物 神 經 失 調 , 以 及 其 他 慢 性 疾

病 並 有 腎 陽 虛 者 , 可 以 用 本 方 加 減 。 






VI. Yinxu ( yin deficient)

Red face, hot body, prefer cool, uneasiness, dry and cracked

lips, dark red tongue with yellow fur, or even with cracks, or

black and with spurs.



di huang  12  g, shan zhu yu 8 g , shan yao 8 g , mu dan pi  6 g ,

huang bo 4 g , zhi mu 4 g , tao ren 4 g .







熟地黃 12克, 山茱萸 8克 , 牡丹皮 6克 ,  茯 苓 6克, 澤 瀉 6克, 山 藥 8克,

知 母 4克, 黃 柏 4克, 桃仁4克。


Acupuncture therapy for prostate inflammation:

Shenshu B23, Pangguangshu B28, Guanyuan Ren4,

Sanyinjiao Sp6.

Once every two days. Each time leave needles for 15 to 20


針灸治療取腎俞B23﹐膀胱俞B28﹐關元 Ren 4﹐

三陰交Sp 6,每二天一次,每次留針15-20分鐘

External herb therapy  in Chinese characters.

English version will be loaded by demand.(If you

are in a hurry, please see Research Librarian)



A manuscript... writing, translating and proofreading  in progress

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