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One Finger Chan


Taught by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Recorded by : Peter Croke 
(Peter is a registered nurse in San Francisco, CA) 

Main exercises:

The stance: Bend the knees until you cannot see the toes. Bring the hands mid trunk level with the palms facing in, taping each of the fingers 18 times on both hands at the same time. Each finger should be tapped individually. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. and bent knees. Bring the elbows up and point the fingers towards the ground. The elbows should be almost perpendicular to the shoulders. Visualize the chi running down the arm from the armpits. Bring the hand up so they are facing the side of the chest with the palms facing up and keep the elbows up. Visualize the chi running into the chest.

Holding the moon in the lap: Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Place the hands one over the other with palms facing each other but not touching. Imagine there is a small ball of chi between them. Bring the hands up to the mid chest and put one hand in front of the other with the palms facing inward. Slowly pull the hands apart and face the palms forward and push out ahead. The hands should not be touching the chest or each other. Repeat this exercise but change the hands. The top hand will go on the inside when the hands come to the chest.

Rolling the embroidered ball: Stand with feet shoulder width apart and bring the hands to mid-chest level. Lower hand with palm facing the chest and hand slightly curved. The other hand has the palm facing downward over the other hand. Bend one knee so you cannot see the toes. Rotate the hands in a clockwise motion, switching their positions. When ready Switch the knees and the hands will rotate in the opposite direction.

Scooping the moon from the water and the lifting of the caldron: Stand with feet apart, about one leg's length. Bend your knees into a "riding a horse stance." Drop the arms in front of you, with palms facing upward and the middle fingertips touching each other. Bend at the knees and not the back, as if you were scooping a moon out of the water. (Do not touch the ground). Then raise up your hands toward the sky with palms facing up ( as if pushing up a load up ). Hold this leg position (in "riding a horse stance") and repeat the movements for about 6 to 16 times.

Stretching the chi: Start with hands at mid waist level. Hold hand one above the other with palms facing each other. Meditate, imagining a ball of chi between the two. Hands should not be too far apart. Feet are apart a little less than two shoulder widths. Turn to the side. Your hands going diagonal one up and one down. The up hand should have the palm facing out and the lower hand should have the palm facing in. The knee of the upper hand will bend somewhat. Repeat on the other side. Imagine the chi is being stretched.

Turning the Bagua: Stand with feet shoulder with apart. Hold one hand palm down above head . Hold the other hand below the naval with the palm facing up. Switch the hands by rotating them as if you had a mirror in your hands and were turning it upside down. Turn the head to the side as you rotate your hands. Repeat this the opposite way.

The snake: Stand with one hand at mid chest and fingers touching and hand is flat. The palm is facing towards the body. The other hand has a bent elbow with the palm facing downward and two fingers pointing outward but together. The knees are bent with one in front of the other. The weight should be on the back leg as if you are sitting on an invisible wooden chair. Hold this position and then switch to the other side.

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