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By: Joe Hing Kwok Chu   Sept 9, 2000

Ginnie Kit Wah Chu   

Ginnie Chu is my youngest daughter. She has graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, majored in bio-chemistry and environmental science.

She spent her elementary school years in Woodside Elementary school, the best elementary school in northern California.  This was where she learned how to read and write and learned basic science. The school did a fantastic job on the students. The excellent administration and teaching staff enabled Ginnie to study well in Woodside High School and  enabled Ginnie to go on to in UC Berkeley to study bio-chemistry, a very difficult field of study.

Ginnie is a hard working student. When she was in Woodside Elementary she was active in sports and student activities and was elected as student body president, and was doing peer counseling.  She was one of the students from Woodside Elementary School  who participated in county wide writing competition and received first places in their categories. When she graduated she received seven awards,  for sports and for academic achievement. She was one of the two students who received the highest grade point average of 4.7 on a  4.0 scale.

Woodside Elementary School has molded the academic future of Ginnie. I am grateful to the staff at the Woodside Elementary.