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High ALT and AST (in English and Chinese 中英文)


by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu             按此看中文

For explanation and diagnosis, click on : ALT and AST .


wu wei zi 50 g, chai hu 30 g, gan cao, 30 g.

Simmer with water. Make into 2 servings. Take after meal. 1 to 3 months is one therapy period.


This formula was used by 48 patients. The enzyme levels of all patients were close to normal after treatments.

Warning: prolong taking high dosage of gan cao may cause atrophy of the adrenal cortex. Large dosages can increase blood pressure. Long term usage of large dosage can also cause edema and hypokalemia. Not to use this formula if the patient is using interferon..

Using gan cao with aspirin may increase the irritation of the stomach.

Note: The amount of the herbs in this formula seems high to the editor. Please adjust the amount according to your patients. Adding che qian zi may help to the body to expel the oxalate of wu wei zi.
When gan cao usage is too small it may promote the hepatitis B virus.


Another formula:

wu ji bai feng wan 烏雞白鳳丸

This formula is usually available over the counter.

Taking one pill each time, three times a day can lower AST and ALT.

Note: this formula is only suitable for deficient syndrome.

Another formula:

Curcuma xanthorrhiza make into powder. Use 5 to 10 g each time. Drop in boiling water. Cover. Turn off stove. Let stand for a few minutes and use as tea.

See Hepatitis B

ALT 麩氨酸丙酮酸轉氨脢﹐和 AST 麩氨酸草酸轉氨脢過 高

處方 一:

五味子 50克﹐柴 胡 30克﹐甘草 30克 。 水煎分成二份。飯後服。一 至三個月為一療程。

療效﹕48個病人﹐治療後﹐ALT 麩氨酸丙酮酸轉氨脢﹐和 AST 麩氨酸草 酸轉氨脢趨於正常。


注意﹕長期服用大劑量之甘草﹐可導致腎上腺皮質衰退。大 剤量能升高血壓。長期用大剤量能致水腫與鉀瀦留。用干擾素者,忌用此方。但甘草劑量太小會增加乙肝病毒之複製。




束骨姜黃 研细末。每次用5~10 克放入沸水中,加蓋,收火。放置數分鐘後,當茶喝用。



烏雞白鳳丸出自明 龔雲林《壽世保元》,為婦科之要藥,專治婦女氣血虧虛引起的月經不调、崩漏带下等 症,療效顯著。近來應用于治療一些新的病症。   


近年來的藥理實驗證明烏雞白鳳丸對四氯化碳肝损傷引起的血清穀丙轉 氨酶升高有明顯的降低作用。提示本品能增强肝臟解毒功能,促進肝糖元和蛋白质的合成代謝,從而對肝损傷起保護作用。 臨床上用本品内服,每次1丸,每日3次治療慢性肝炎療效好,特別 是降低血清轉氨酶、麝香酚濁度作用較為明顯。   

註﹕ALT 亦有稱為穀丙轉氨脢。AST 亦有稱為穀草轉氨脢。


人民健康網  2002-02-04

烏雞白鳳丸﹔原出典 明 龔雲林《壽世保元》

香附子 6 g, 蒼朮 4 g, 黃 耆 2 g, 人參 2 g, 川 芎 2 g, 茯 苓 2 g, 當 歸 2 g, 乾薑 2 g, 附子 2 g,

小茴香 2 g, 白芍 2 g, 肉 桂 2 g, 白 朮 2 g, 胡椒 2 g, 補骨脂2 g, 艾葉 2 g, 烏藥2 g,

甘 草 2 g,  茱萸2 g,  烏骨雞


用法用量 日三服,溫開水送服。
功用 益氣養血,調經止帶。
主治 婦人經水不調,崩漏帶下、腰腿酸痛、身體消瘦。



黃耆、人參、當 歸、白朮、白芍、生地、陳皮、秦艽、柴胡、銀柴胡、前胡、黃芩、胡黃連 、黃柏、知母、貝母、桑白皮、地骨皮、麥門冬、五味子各一兩,烏骨雞一隻及綠豆一斗五升、青蒿四兩,熬,同藥晒乾為末,空心,清米湯下。治童男室女身發潮 熱,吐血痰,出盜汗,飲食少進,四肢無力。

[以上摘自臨床常用中藥方劑手冊 中華民國藥師公會全國聯合會發行]

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