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Practicing some of these qigong exercises just 15 minutes a day can

reduce stress, improve your total health, and enhance feeling of well

being. Many who practice these kinds of qigong have reported benefit

of healings from:

  1. High blood pressure

  2. Pain: neck, shoulder, knee, lower back,
    postoperative pains, arthritis, joint pain.

  3. Migraine headaches.

  4. Back problems.

  5. Weight problems, overweight or underweight.

  6. Stress,

  7. anxiety, panic attacks,

  8. post-traumatic stress disorder,

  9. depression (manic or depressed),

  10. obsessive compulsive disorder,

  11. attention deficit

  12. hyperactivity disorders.

  13. Circulation problems: too cold or too hot.

  14. Ringing in the ears.

  15. Digestion problems: processing nutrients,

  16. fungal infection.

  17. Allergies, sinus inflammation.

  18. Addictions.

  19. Chronic fatigue, lack of energy.

Some Samples of Various Qigong

Micro & Macro Cosmic Cycle, 大小周天

Eight Sections of Silk  八段錦

Three Dan Tian in One 三田合一

Five Animal Chart Play 五禽圖戲

Shaolin Temple Internal Power,One Finger Chan Qigong 少林寺內功一指禪

Guo Lin Qigong  郭林氣功

Fragrant Qigong 香功

Longevity qigong 長壽功

Taiji qigong 太極氣功

Gathering-Dispersing qigong 集散功


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